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讓世界看到彩色的香港 讓香港看到彩色的世界

Serendipity | Dazzling & Puzzling: Ubiquitous Chinese New Year elements adopted by big brands

2021 is a year of the Ox, and as usual, big brands are trying every effort to blend Chinese New Year elements with their newly-launched products almost everywhere. Some of them are creative, glamorous and dazzling, while others can be quite puzzling and make us wonder: Do these big brands really understand Chinese elements in a correct way?

Buh-bye sleepiness: 5 refreshers to keep you sharp at work

Some say that enough sleep has become increasingly scarce for workers in this fast-paced, high-stress world, especially in some Asian countries. Really want to get rid of the haunting sleepiness at work but already fed up with the smell of coffee and Red Bull? Read on for our recommendations of five refreshers to shake off the sleepiness!

Smell of Money | Why you need a Burberry Scarf? Luxury goods and self-realization

Where does the value come from? For most people, an object's value depends on whether humans need it or not and how much they need it. For example, the value of orange depends on the amount of nutrition it provides to humans.

Smell of Money | May you be prosperous! Tri-fold wallets recommendation

With the Chinese New Year approaching, buying a portable and straightforward tri-fold clip may bring a river of gold flow into your pocket in 2021. The followings are some of the big-name brands' purses that may allow you to pick the right one for yourself!

Serendipity | HK nostalgia: Trams, neon signs, love hotels are time capsules never buried

Indeed, a city is getting old all the time along with its people, and things seem to be ephemeral in this ever-changing world. There are things, however, that don't age and stand the test of time. Despite the vast vicissitudes of life, those most cherished things about the city and the lingering memories of people never age. They are either carried by the slowly-trotting, jingling trams, witnessed by the dazzling neon signs, or simply treasured deeply within the hearts of HK folks.

Serendipity | The wisdom of have-it-all: 4 eye-catching canvas bags to embrace the New Year

2020 has been an extremely challenging and tumultuous year for the whole world where many people face unimaginable losses, haunting depressive mood and even mental breakdown. As we all reset for a brand-new year ahead, who doesn't want to treat oneself something rewarding? Luckily, here we present these must-have canvas bags which are perfect manifestation of the have-it-all wisdom.

Smell of Money | 2021 is coming, with luxury brands' Christmas exclusive products

In celebration of Christmas and New Year, various exclusive products have been launched by luxury brands. Let's take a look at what New Year and Christmas limited items are available this year and feel the smell of money in front of the screen. The new year has come, chose a wonderful gift for yourself or your friend is not a bad idea.

Serendipity | Beyond Ding Zhen sensation: Tibetan boy conquers netizens' hearts with pureness and rugged sweet smile

Ding Zhen (Tamdrin's name in Mandarin) would never have thought that an ordinary experience to buy instant noodles at the entrance of the village would change his life so abruptly and completely. The 10-second video of him captured by a photographer went viral instantly. This 20-year-old youth of the Tibetan ethnic group in Southwest China's Sichuan province has become an Internet sensation, conquering netizens' hearts and popping up on almost every social media platform in China.

Serendipity | Memories linger, so do smells: One-of-a-kind perfumes you need to wear

Some people say that perfume is the second layer of clothes for a woman, and it's not an exaggeration. But instead of pleasing others, the real function of a perfume is to tell a story of each person, show their own charisma, and distinguish them from others through self-expression. Smells linger much longer than your imagination, and sometimes even years afterwards, when you think of a person, you might still remember the smell he/she leaves, together with the memories. Here are some high-class and one-of-a-kind perfumes that you absolutely need to wear.

Serendipity | A city blooms in most unexpected way

It could be depressing for people under lockdown due to the pandemic, but thanks to Lewis Miller, New Yorkers are able to wake up to see their beloved city blooming in the most unexpected way. The 46-year-old florist uses his creativity and delicate skills to decorate the easily-forgotten spots, such as trash bins that can be seen in every block. Every street is presented as a flower exhibition, and as observers, we can fully understand: A city that you truly love will love you back (in its unique way). Let's now wander into the sea of blossoms.

Serendipity | Dogs in bags: slowing down in fast-paced metropolis

People always say that dogs are man's best friend. In a fast-paced metropolis like New York City, many people are even more desperate to get companionship from dogs. It helps to relieve their pressures and soothe their souls. However, there is a rule in NYC subway that no person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container. But that can never stop creative New Yorkers from bringing their dogs along with them. An Instagram account (@bagdogs) is even dedicated to recording the dogs in bags. Let's check out what these lovely creatures are thinking?
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