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Opinion | Philippine rebels vow they'd keep fighting: Is Marcos manipulating and undermining ASEAN stability?

Mr. Marcos Jnr has repeatedly said that the Philippine rebels have been successfully dealt with, and that the problem of insurgency no longer exists.

Opinion | Stability seen as key factor in Indonesia poll, but Western media focus on new leader's controversial past

Indonesia is currently a high- achiever and the most promising country among the ten-member ASEAN bloc. So far, it is pursuing a policy of neutrality between the U.S. and China, its largest trading partner. The close cooperation with China in constructing the high-profiled speed railway ranks it the first nation in Asia-Pacific region to do so.

Opinion | U.S. senators went gate-crashing to Budapest, but were they politely received by PM Viktor Orban?

Before the Biden-Xi summit meeting in San Francisco, we learned of an anti-CPC senator Mike Gallagher making waves in the U.S. Senate, even urging the Biden administration to impose sanctions on no less than a dozen government officials, justices and lawyers, etc. in Hong Kong for "abuses of human rights".

Opinion | As Trump berated NATO over its defense spending, China may reap lots of benefits

Former U.S. president Donal J. Trump is at it again (on February 10), despite the fact he had done it before. Back then the situation is Europe was different as Russia had not been showing aggressive intent toward Ukraine, and the Europeans, therefore, did not take his words seriously.

Opinion | Between a rising China and the developing Philippines, will there be war or peace?

The Lunar New Year in the Philippines draws huge crowds to one of the world's oldest Chinatowns, reported the AP. Amid cheers, dances and frolicking of firecrackers to celebrate this happy occasion, it is feared that this may not always be the case, thanks to Marcos.

Opinion | Courage then is key to charting Sino-US ties now

The day before Lunar New Year's Eve is the last chance for house-cleaning and making "New Year's resolutions". Following this tradition, I was handsomely rewarded as I came across an insightful article about – the characteristics of outstanding U.S. presidents.

Opinion | As China enters the Lunar Year of the roaring Dragon, Xi rolls out good tidings and greetings

The Spring Festival is the largest human activity on earth in which all Chinese nationals on mainland China, in Taiwan, and many of their Asian neighbors and friends celebrate. Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader creates, sends and celebrates good tidings and greetings – starting from the San Francisco summit with President Joe Biden. Both leaders jointly pushed for and succeeded in their trust-building, benefiting border neighbors in Southeast Asia, notably Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Opinion | Top world scientists, laureates: China's scientific development yielding remarkable results

China needs to upgrade its education system to support the country's drive for technological self-reliance, as well as attract more international students, said President Xi-Jinping who has recently delivered the assessment at a study session of the Politburo, the Communist Party's top decision-making body, Xinhua reported.

Opinion | China-Laos railway bullet train: A brand product of BRI brings festival joy, friendship and a bright future

The 1,035-kilometer China-Lao Railway, a landmark project of the Belt and Road Initiative, began operating in December 2021. It has turned Laos from a landlocked country into a land-linked hub in the Indo-China Peninsula.

Opinion | China's central bank moves to spur its slowing economy and boost markets

That China emerged from "zero-Covid" to confront new challenges in a changed world is a stark reality nobody can deny. The nation's economic health is a larger-than-life issue that keeps authorities and economists busy.

Opinion | China joins U.S., Japan in approving Alzheimer's drug: International cooperation can beat 'AL'

Sir Jack Cater, the admirable founder and first high commissioner of the Independent Commission Against Corruption of Hong Kong, was reportedly suffering from Alzheimer's soon after retirement in Britain. This man of mission was a local hero –-- who braved a storm of rebellion when the Royal Hong Kong Police "rebelled" against this newly found institution, which was to help clean the city of its chronic social disease, corruption.

Opinion | China's rapid integration with ASEAN through Pharma firms: Its latest footprints in Singapore

If you are enrolled in MBA study, exploring corporate strategy, this article is the right stuff for you; it provides "text & cases" for your intellectual nourishment.

Opinion | The rhapsody of great power politics: Chinese people in Taiwan may not have to pay price

Under the wings of the U.S. military, Wiliam Lai Ching-te, a Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party candidate won the leadership race, beating a divided camp of pan KMT loyalists and CPC sympathizers. On mainland China, there was a sense of loss, and Taiwan too.

Opinion | In Taiwan's election, once again history repeats itself! Beijing may need a plan B

Obnoxious people regurgitate, "Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow." Whether or not this statement is accurate is for them to wait and see. But in Taiwan's election, history does repeat itself. The voting results came out Saturday night, showing front-runner William Lai Ching-te, the candidate for the Democratic Progressive Party was the winner of the "presidential" leadership race, beating opponents Hou Yu-ih, and Ko Wen-ju.

Opinion | What does it mean to be strong and powerful? PLA Navy defined by its naval power

Recently Wang Yi said China was ready to lift partnership with Malaysia to higher levels. This is the language of Chinese diplomacy. The same thing applies to the PLA; technological upgrading is the name of the game.
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