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讓世界看到彩色的香港 讓香港看到彩色的世界

Opinion | Through China's widebody C929 jet development world can share its grand vision

China now harbors the vision of tapping into Asia's new middle class for a brighter future. Bernard Chan, the former Convener of the Executive Council said: "Our connectivity, stable political environment, effective governance and rule of law give us the tools to take advantage of the economic opportunities in the region," he once wrote in the SCMP.

Opinion | Why must Marcos be as mad as a red bull?

Two months ago, my wife and I farewelled Jessy, a janitor who was cleaning garbage in our building; a week ago, I met a guy also from the Philippines, working as a cleaner in the newly renovated Red Market, a historic local landmark; and, we are now waiting to meet Mario's daughter, who is attending Fukien University, and will be here in Macau to be with her parents, who are also Filipinos working in Macau.

Opinion | Instigated by US, it's Philippine's military moves that have angered China

What is Joe Biden like, unlike Donald Trump? The more closely you study him, the better you get to understand him and his strategy: He's far more sophisticated and rational than his rival Donald Trump, the former president. On leadership, Biden triumphs over Trump in leading NATO, hence the European Union. By hijacking NATO, which under U.S. stewardship, Biden is fighting a proxy war – bolstering up Ukraine, fighting against Russia, which is out to stop the U.S.' eastward encroachment and expansion plan.

Opinion | Pansy Ho opens 'Legends of Chivalry' Exhibition with Ren Zhe

It all looks like that the untimely passing of tycoon Stanley Ho has not dented the family's fame and fortune; for, Pansy Ho, the dynamic daughter of the flamboyant Mr. Ho, has been quietly working her way not just into the great gaming enterprise left behind by her dear Dad, who was known far and wide by most of the Chinese people in Macau, Hong Kong and mainland China as the "King of Casinos".

Opinion | Macau, the most promising SAR, selected as 'Culture City of East Asia 2025'

Since its return to China, the motherland in 1999, Macau has been undergoing surgical operation, more precisely economic transformation, a result of close cooperation, collaboration and integration with Beijing, the central government.

Opinion | Which country ever dares to leave U.S. president waiting by the phone

Even though this is the 21st century, a modern time when democracy is believed to be a norm of the day. But the Americans can still unilaterally dictate and direct the leader of a European country to fight the Russians, a neighbor – and wage a proxy war. Ukraine is a case in point.

Opinion | UN report: Education, social safety vital for Asia to grow rich

What the UN report points out is worth noting. It spells out the trends and threats that countries in Asia and the Pacific are facing, which can cause social disruption or even chaos if not properly addressed. The Ukraine war is a warning – clearly showing the region's countries that they must ward off war whenever possible and that they should keep away from NATO which is seeking to expand its influence in Asia.

Opinion | Putin's visit highlights ties amid Ukraine war, Israel-Palestinian conflict

This is the best of times for the People's Republic of China, and the worst of times for the United State of America – which is fighting a proxy war in Ukraine, and is now ironically being hijacked by Israel, a traditional staunch ally, whose leader Netanyahu is now turning "Nazi", bent on exterminating innocent Palestinian women and children in Gaza under the watchful eyes of the UN and the world.

Opinion | Trump: Chinese migrants are 'here to build an army' – What do authorities think?

President Joe Biden is planning to impose major new tariffs on EVs, and other Chinese green energy imports, former president – Donald Trump is suggesting that Chinese migrants are "here to build an army." Both approaches would hurt the Chinese. But they might also bring disasters to America as well.

Opinion | Xi's visit to Serbia – 'demonstration of growing global reach'

There is no better story to describe the Chinese and the Americans other than the Aesop's Fables.  In "The Ants and the Grasshoppers", the ants are busy working, while the grasshoppers enjoy wining, dining and horribly shootings from the hip.

Opinion | President Xi is making inroads in Europe

The Chinese leader is being pompously received by a prestigious France, and a proud French president who was humiliated when Joe Biden, the American president robbed him of a clinched business deal with Australia, which may have had succumbed under U.S. pressure to make a deal with the U.S. together with the U.K. kicked the Aussies into a "nuclear club" – much to the disappointment of peace-loving ASEAN countries.

Opinion | China, ASEAN seen propelling global growth – When China does well

When China does well, the world should rejoice. Sadly, this is not the case. Why?

Opinion | When TSMC is lured by Biden, Washington gets credit, how's Beijing taking it?

Competition is said to be a defining characteristic of the United States. The nation, by nature and tradition, the Americans are believed to be exclusively competitive.

Opinion | Xi-Biden talks seal vision and mission: basis for binding ties

The first phone conversation between President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden since their landmark face-to-face meeting in November in San Francisco helped further shore up faith in the stability of the relationship between the two, observers said.

Opinion | Chinese FM Wang Yi visits Cambodia – Beijing's best ASEAN ally

Amid escalating tensions in Sino-Philippine relations, ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, especially Cambodia appear to be more prominent, positive and prosperous – due to the politicizing of the U.S.
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