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Opinion | Judicial independence: Protecting judges with heavy artillery

Hong Kong, under its Basic Law, enjoys many advantages. It is, for example, highly fortunate to have a sizable body of non-permanent judges from other common law jurisdictions sitting on its Court of Final Appeal, of whom there are currently 12.

Opinion | Secessionists beware: Hong Kong has your measure

The Basic Law could not be clearer. Whereas Article 1 states that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is "an inalienable part of the People's Republic of China", Article 12 provides that it is "a local administrative region of the People's Republic of China". After 1997, however, this did not prevent some people from disrespecting the city's constitutional status, and seeking its independence.

Opinion | Riot prosecutions: Full steam ahead after CFA ruling

On July 24, 2020, when District Judge Anthony Kwok Kai-on acquitted three alleged rioters, Natalie Lee Yuen-yui, Tong Wai-hung and Elaine To, on a strict interpretation of the offense's legal ingredients, there was rejoicing in some quarters. That a coach and horses had apparently been driven through law enforcement was seen by some as a source of glee, and the result was also trumpeted in anti-China circles in foreign parts. However, the Court of Final Appeal's judgment on Nov 4 will by now have wiped the smiles off their faces.

Opinion | Legal aid: Reforms promote fairness and benefit taxpayers

On Oct. 26, the government told the Legislative Council's Panel on the Administration of Justice and Legal Services of its "proposed enhancement measures" for the legal aid system, which it hopes to have implemented by year's end.

Opinion | District council disqualifications: EU meddling hypocritical and shortsighted

If it so wishes, the EU can disregard the new reality, just as it ignores the decisions of its electorates. However much the EU likes stirring the pot, Hong Kong is now very much back in business. Shortsightedness is in nobody's interests, and the EU should do itself a favor by getting onto the right side of history.

Full text: HK Legal Week's opening remarks by Grenville Cross upon sentencing offenders

These are the opening remarks of Grenville Cross SC at the International Criminal Law Conference, Hong Kong Law Week 2021, on Tuesday (Nov. 2).

Opinion | US ambassador: Maturity required to regain trust

Grenville Cross says Richard Nicholas Burns must show qualities of a principled diplomat for Beijing to take him seriously following his Senate posturing.

Opinion | National Security: New mechanisms ensure fair trials

After the National Security Law for Hong Kong was enacted on June 30, 2020, the international efforts to demonize it were aided and abetted by their local proxies.

Opinion | Foreign interference: Protective mechanisms legitimate and necessary

Although foreign interference in the internal affairs of other countries is common, defensive strategies are not always easy. After 1997, the Basic Law provided Hong Kong with a high degree of autonomy, and some foreign actors sensed an opportunity for troublemaking. They viewed the "one country, two systems" principle not as a godsend, but as a means of promoting their foreign policy objectives at Beijing's expense.

Opinion | AUKUS is a stab in the back and a big mistake

After its ignominious withdrawal from Afghanistan in August, many people thought the US president, Joe Biden, would try to restore national credibility.

Opinion | Policy Address: Vision and real hope for a rosy future

When, therefore, on Wednesday, Lam delivered her fifth Policy Address, the theme of which was "new era, new opportunities", she was heard with the decorous attention to be expected of any responsible legislature. With the return of civility, it was clear that the city's politics is back on track and working in its best interests. In her 140-minute address, Lam provided her vision for Hong Kong, and this was buttressed by practical policies to help its people and provide a better future.

Opinion | BN(O) passport holders: Look carefully before you leap

After the British people voted to leave the European Union in 2016, little thought was given to the resulting labor shortages. The United Kingdom's withdrawal from the single market meant the free movement of workers would end, and alternatives would be required.

Opinion | HKDC: From bad to worse

On Sept. 21, there was a changing of the guard at the Hong Kong Democracy Council, in Washington, DC. It was not, however, a new beginning, and one bunch of anti-China zealots simply replaced another.

Opinion | Free at last: Meng released after deferred prosecution deal

On September 25, the ordeal of Huawei's chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, finally ended. Having been detained under house arrest in Canada for almost three years, on the basis of a US extradition warrant, she was allowed to return home to her family and friends.

Opinion | MOFA Fact Sheet: US hostility towards HK exposed for all to see

In recent years, China's achievements have surpassed all expectations, and the United States has become increasingly paranoid. It realizes its post-war hegemony can no longer be taken for granted, and that its star is slowly fading.
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