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1-minute News | Say goodbye to unrequited love! Self-protection mechanism works

When you were young, were you ever trapped in love and couldn't get enough of it? A paper in "Current Biology" reveals that scientists may have discovered an inherent mechanism in the brain that protects us from endless unrequited love. As a result, people are able to rescue themselves from emotional distress and move on with their lives. However, some people feel that this "rational" mechanism may also allow people to miss out on some opportunities. What are your thoughts?

1-minute News | People who just browse without liking may face risks to mental health

Do you click the "like" button beside your friends' tweets or "moments"? Or are you a "silent angel" on social media platforms? Research suggests that your mental health status may correlate with your actions as above. Check out the details!

1-minute News | Anxiety? Insomnia? Find more sour foods!

In a fast-paced life, symptoms such as insomnia and anxiety have always bothered people. Perhaps, as the ancient books say, acidic foods can have an effect on this?

1-minute News | Why is 'seeking da zi' becoming more popular among young people?

Termed “da zi” in Mandarin, meaning “everything can be matched,” temporary partnerships are predicated on selecting like-minded individuals, regardless of gender, and sometimes without prior familiarity. The essence lies in daily communication through platforms like WeChat, even if physical meetings are infrequent or nonexistent.

1-minute News | Harvard research: Secret to longevity is playing mahjong

This Harvard research, carried out in 1938, has studied young people for 80 years, and researchers have found that people's social relationships are the key to longevity.

1-minute News | Kudos to Sichuan! 'We don't even know these specialties,' locals say

Recently, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism promoted a batch of local specialties on social media, which left locals amazed and exclaiming. Let's take a look at some of the hidden treasures in Sichuan that even locals are unaware of!

1-minute News | 'No junk food, only junk eating habits': Nutritional ways to eat instant noodles

On January 15th, Sun Baoguo, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, in a health-themed program pointed out, "There is no junk food, only junk eating habits."

Watch This | Film 'Beyond the Clouds' brings forth polarized views

The film titled "Beyond the Clouds," which means "I was born a mountain," echoes the motto of Huaping Girls' High School, founded by magnificent female educator Zhang Guimei. This school aims to provide free high school education to underprivileged girls in remote mountainous regions. Zhang's inspiring story has deeply touched many in China, and she has also been advocating for women's equal access to education. The highly anticipated film adaptation of her experiences, however, didn't receive the positive initial audience reviews as expected.

1-minute News | China National Arts Fund: Obligation to protect culture

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the China National Arts Fund. The National Arts Fund has always adhered to the position of Chinese culture focusing on supporting the development of traditional Chinese arts such as opera and calligraphy, and actively promoting the Sinicization of various art forms such as drama, opera, musicals, etc., contributing to the birth and development of excellent artworks such as Confucius and The Eternal Wave.

1-minute News | UNESCO keeps Venice off list of endangered sites

Earlier this year, due to the dual pressures of overwhelming tourist numbers and the rising sea levels attributed to climate change, Venice was flagged for potential addition to the World Heritage List. However, after deliberations at the extended 45th World Heritage Committee meeting, which took place from September 10th to 25th in Saudi Arabia, UNESCO decided against it.

1-minute News | Is it useful to buy a nuclear radiation detector?

Speaking of the top issues recently, Japan's discharge of Fukushima radioactive water inevitably takes the very lead. The discharge has already aroused wild attention at home and abroad, and has as well triggered a series of relevant heated issues. For example, the pollution of seawater raised people's concerns about the source of salt production. People's fear of losing salt or increasing salt prices eventually transformed into a rush for salt in the markets nationally.

1-minute News | Life lies in stillness: Capybara

When it comes to the most popular animal these days, surely a large number of netizens will call out the name Capybara. The quirky combination of lovely capybara and the song of the same name makes it quickly go viral on TikTok.

Watch This | Chinese internet celebrity with millions of followers gets blocked

Recently, Chinese short-form video hosting service Douyin has seen a surge in users imitating a middle-aged influencer whose exaggerated antics have amused and bewildered many. However, the top influencer, boasting 10 million fans, was abruptly removed from the platform. Speculation is rife, with some suggesting tax issues, while others believe he may have deceived his fans.

1-minute News | Online payment in China becomes hardest for foreign tourists

As the epidemic subsided and the economy recovered, China's international interaction is gradually coming back, and foreign tourists are also increasing.

1-minute News | 15th BRICS Summit to be held in South Africa, discussing expansion

BRICS, spelled and pronounced like the English word "bricks", refers to a co-operative organization of five of the world's emerging market economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
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