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Opinion | Juvenile delinquency: China prioritizes reformation over punishment

"Throughout China, the criminal justice systems approach juvenile delinquency in a similar way. In all four jurisdictions, it is recognized that the public interest requires young offenders, if at all possible, to be diverted away from a life of crime, rather than to be sucked yet further into the criminal process by prosecution and punishment"

Opinion | Ill-intentioned U.S. interference in HK affairs leads to nowhere

By alleging that Hong Kong's elections "will not produce meaningful democratic results" on April Fool's Day, U.S. consul-general Hanscom Smith actually made a fool of himself. With Hong Kong as a special administrative region of China, it is the people living here that have the final say on the results of elections. There is no room for the United States to meddle in Hong Kong affairs, let alone a politician of its agency that should have focused on providing visas and consular services to its citizens.

Opinion | The case against China—15 questions on Xinjiang for Western journalists

Xinjiang is a geopolitical hit job on China—by the West and its press. The so-called defenders of democracy and freedom are less truth-seekers than hate-mongers. All it takes for them to paint China as a rogue nation is three words: "genocide", "camps" and "communist".

Opinion | Improving electoral system key to enhancing HK governance

Chinese lawmakers on Tuesday (March 30) voted unanimously to adopt the amended Annex I and Annex II to the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). The amendments are a systematic formation and improvement of Hong Kong's democracy and a key guarantee of the full implementation of the "patriots administering Hong Kong" principle.

Opinion | Trade talk: China is not in a hurry

The Office of the US Trade Representative, Katherine Tai, spoke with 14 international trade officials since having been sworn in on March 18, however it did not include the Chinese chief trade negotiator, Vice-Premier Liu He. Tai said a trade meeting between China and the US will take place "when the time is right" and confirmed the US tariffs on Chinese imports are set to remain.

Opinion | H&M blunder: A lesson to learn from

As the American led misinformation campaign on Xinjiang intensified after the US and their European allies ganged together to impose unjustified unilateral sanctions on China over baseless accusations of genocide, human rights abuse and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, they failed to offer a single piece of genuine evidence which would hold in a court law.

Opinion | Intriguing omissions in western scrutiny of the two sessions

We have seen extensive Western commentary, in the media and from politicians and officials, on the Two Sessions decision related to reforming the political system within the HKSAR. Most of this coverage is written to fit within a standing narrative crafted by the same actors over the last several years which rotates around the premise that the rise of China is a cause for deep global concern.

Opinion | Electoral reform: Changes will save one country, two systems

Although there are various reasons why it has become necessary to reform Hong Kong's electoral system, the abysmal quality of many of its anti-government legislators stands out. They were not only contemptuous of the Basic Law, the source of the city's rights and liberties, but also ignorant of even the most elementary decencies. They hated China, their motherland, and were prepared to prostitute themselves before foreign powers in order to harm its interests and undermine their home city.

Opinion | Boycotting Xinjiang cotton? Companies should shun anti-China ploys

These malicious tongue-waggers have seized on the so-called evidence of what are falsely claimed to be internal documents and victim statements and distorted Chinese official documents and data to impute that China is morally bankrupt, sullying the reputation and dignity of not only the Chinese government but also the Chinese people.

Opinion | Western sanctions on China, just another failed containment tactic

On Monday the US, EU, UK and Canada ganged together and imposed unilateral sanctions on some Chinese officials and an entity in Xinjiang over alleged human rights abuses, accusing China of detaining over a million Uygurs and other ethnic minorities in re-education camps without any verifiable or evidence. This is a clear sign of dramatic escalation in tension between the west and Beijing and that the new Joe Biden administration plans to wield its alliances as a weapon to contain China.

Opinion | Judicial independence: CFA judges show their mettle and reject political pressure

On December 18, 2019, the British judge, Lord (Jonathan) Sumption joined the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal (CFA), as a non-permanent judge. Although not everybody appreciated it at the time, this was a great feather in the Judiciary's cap. In the United Kingdom, his reputation in legal circles is second to none, and he has also made his mark in other areas.

Opinion | Electoral reform in Hong Kong shines a light on its disordered representation on CE and LegCo floors

Not long after the PRC Government announced the "patriotic election" decision in response to the previously disordered Legislative Council Election, a new electoral resolution was approved by Beijing on March 11.

Opinion | How to make China-US Alaska dialogue effective?

Senior Chinese and U.S. officials will kick-start in Alaska's largest city of Anchorage a two-day high-level strategic dialogue on Thursday.

Opinion | HK should ride the wave of Greater Bay Area

Having suffered a severe economic downturn due to the violence unleashed by local radicals in 2019 and then the novel coronavirus epidemic in 2020, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will further integrate its development with that of the country's on the basis of the "patriots administering Hong Kong" principle.

Opinion | Real reason US decries HK electoral changes

When the National People’s Congress (NPC) passed the new National Security Law (NSL) for Hong Kong last year, it elicited the loudest and most vociferous criticism from the United States. The reason is now obvious.
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