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讓世界看到彩色的香港 讓香港看到彩色的世界

Opinion | Storm in a tea cup

A controversy is raging in Hong Kong. This time it has nothing to do with politics, sex or money. It has to do with a storm in a cup, over a documentary which chronicles the lives of six students from Ying Wa Girls School.

Opinion | Blinken Visit and the Alleged Spy Balloon

That the Blinken visit to Beijing was the common verdict eagerly expected by former US diplomats, and here blessed by two Western scholars for various reasons, although they argued from different perspectives.

Opinion | The geopoliticization of tragedy

Yesterday, a horrific earthquake struck southeastern Turkey and the Levant region of Syria. The largest earthquake that region has felt in a century, the death toll is in the thousands already and continues to grow. Images and videos relay the scale of sheer destruction as apartment buildings toppled like stacks of cards. The situation is tragic and grim, and it is little surprise that such a disaster was met with an outpouring of grief.

Opinion | Hong Kong's language policy needs to be reformed

Although linguistic complexity and diversity in Hong Kong schools were once considered blessings in the melting pot like Cosmopolis after China resumed sovereignty in 1997, they turned out to be controversial issues when adolescents' cognitive problems raised public concerns. There have been reports that some teenagers are too simple-minded for their age, while others exhaust their minds with overly complex thoughts that are beyond their ability to express.

Opinion | Australia: Peacemaker or warmonger?

The roll call of countries where the civilian population endures armed conflict is seemingly endless. When the conflict is primarily about a struggle for power between internal rival political, ethnic or religious groupings the world at large pays scant attention as can be demonstrated in Myanmar, Tigray, Sudan, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, or the Congo.

Opinion | America, State of Paranoia

After a so-called Chinese "spy" balloon drifted over the United States, the reactions of opportunistic politicians and media was to whip up an immense frenzy which resulted in a pretentious show of force as the Biden administration, for little more than political brownie points, opted to shoot it down off the coast of South Carolina. The past few days as such have been oversaturated with theatrical displays of anger, contempt, frenzy, and manufactured outrage, as if a metrological balloon of all things represented a brazen attack on the United States.

Opinion | HK poised to reach new heights in fintech innovation

Hong Kong's two flagship innovation and technology institutions have made significant progress. Hong Kong is poised to reach new heights in fintech innovation.

Opinion | Fully unified in the spirit of 20th National Congress of Communist Party of China

Hong Kong has always had the unique advantage of "relying on the motherland and connecting the world." In the post-epidemic world, where a lot of flowers are competing for beauty, Hong Kong must make good use of its advantages if it wants to stand out and achieve greater glory, that is, it must compete with the Mainland. To work more closely together. In fact, actively integrating into the country's overall development will create broader space and opportunities for Hong Kong's post-epidemic development, which will be beneficial but not harmful.

Opinion | Blinken visit signals US damage control efforts over China-US rivalry

Blinken is in Beijing this Sunday and Monday for talks, but what is on the agenda? What would he accomplish in the end?

Opinion | UK Hong Kong report: Provocative nonsense no substitute for constructive engagement

In Lewis Carroll's classic story, Alice in Wonderland, Alice declares, "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense," and she is by no means the only one to feel that way.

Opinion | US racial injustice and inequality hundreds of years in making

Nearly 60 years have elapsed since Martin Luther King Jr. made the iconic and one of the most powerful speeches in the history of civil liberties and human rights movements. "I have a dream…" is a touching speech, a powerful protest against racial discrimination, yet his grandchildren are still judged by the color of their skin, rather than by their character and contributions to society.

Opinion | Belt and Road is sustainable but EU's global gateway has delivered little

China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) originated as a romantic notion and goodwill gesture with the focus of connecting countries, creating economic prosperity and building trade ties.

Opinion | No end to the tragedy in Ukraine? Try befriending China

Win, lose or draw, the path to peace in Ukraine, strangely, goes through China. Of this there seems little doubt. Russia has hinted darkly that if it loses this war, what awaits is the nuclear option.

Opinion | Hainan-Hong Kong economic cooperation continues to progress, Sanya investment prospects are promising

A group from the Hainan-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation and Development Advisory Committee visited Sanya, the only tropical coastline tourism destination in China's Hainan Province, on January 5, 2023. Quan Leung Chun-ying served as the delegation's counselor. Sanya organized two outbound investment attraction teams to travel to Hong Kong within a week in order to conduct in-depth site visits at important enterprises as early as December 2022. The city has also collaborated on projects with renowned firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Opinion | New Huawei move shows Biden is ultimately worse than Trump

When Trump left office and the Biden administration came into the White House, some people actually believed a nightmare was over. On the back of the January 6thcapitol riot, the ongoing presidency was portrayed as unhinged, dangerous and chaotic. Biden, as it goes, was supposed to be an adult in the room that would restore common sense and decency to America, bringing surety, stability and maturity back to politics.
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