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Opinion | Resignation of non-permanent overseas judges has nothing to do with HK's judicial independence

Following the resignation of two British judges from the Court of Final Appeal (CFA) a few days ago, there have been discussions on whether this reflects that Hong Kong's judicial independence has been questioned, and if this will affect people's confidence in it. In my view, however, such comments are either unfounded out of ignorance or intended to incite ulterior motives, and must be cleared up.

Opinion | For a more balanced assessment the IMD needs to refine the methodology

Hong Kong's ranking in the latest released World Competitiveness Yearbook resents an interesting disparity. The city boasts an impressive overall ranking of 5 and a strong economic performance ranking of 11. However, its price sub-category ranking is 65, even though it has a commendable CPI inflation ranking of 5.

Opinion | How the US has shifted the fulcrum on Ukraine to be 'China's Problem'

Starting around April 2024, the United States, backed by tactical leaks to the mainstream media, began to accuse China of extensively backing Russia in its war on Ukraine. Although the previous line the US had set from the war's outbreak in 2022 merely demanded China refrained from "direct military support," albeit always to put pressure on Moscow, this new line now began to accuse Beijing of being an "indirect supplier" in the form of critical components and other parts.

Opinion | Through China's widebody C929 jet development world can share its grand vision

China now harbors the vision of tapping into Asia's new middle class for a brighter future. Bernard Chan, the former Convener of the Executive Council said: "Our connectivity, stable political environment, effective governance and rule of law give us the tools to take advantage of the economic opportunities in the region," he once wrote in the SCMP.

Opinion | The Reuters Revelations on China's Vaccine Campaign is what I told you years ago

Over the weekend the news agency Reuters unleashed a bombshell revelation that the United States Military waged a deliberate psychological warfare and propaganda campaign that was aimed at discrediting China's vaccines in South East Asia, in particular, the Philippines. The campaign, which was run out of Tampa, Florida, involved US military contractors creating hundreds of fake social media accounts that impersonated Filipinos and other Southeast Asian people, trashing the credibility of China's Sinovac vaccine.

Opinion | Why must Marcos be as mad as a red bull?

Two months ago, my wife and I farewelled Jessy, a janitor who was cleaning garbage in our building; a week ago, I met a guy also from the Philippines, working as a cleaner in the newly renovated Red Market, a historic local landmark; and, we are now waiting to meet Mario's daughter, who is attending Fukien University, and will be here in Macau to be with her parents, who are also Filipinos working in Macau.

Opinion | Sumption's biased remarks unveiled the blatant intervention of external forces

UK judge Lord Sumption, who quitted Hong Kong s Court of Final Appeal recently, had ruined himself as a tool of anti-China politicians with distorted and slanderous comments. His criticism did not only violate the professional ethics of judges, but also unveiled the blatant intervention of external forces.

Opinion | A watershed moment in Chinese history

Throughout history, China's merchant class had sat at the bottom of the totem pole—disrespected and marginalized. Scholars ranked first, followed by farmers, and then artisans. This social hierarchy has stood unchanged for more than two millennia.

Opinion | Court of Final Appeal: Overseas judges must prioritize service over politics

The rule of law has always been fundamental to the success story that is modern Hong Kong, and its custodian is the judiciary. So long as its legal system is protected by capable, independent and professional judges, the city has a bright future. Anybody, therefore, who wants to undermine the "one country, two systems" policy knows the judiciary stands in their way, which is why its judges have been targeted in the West.

Opinion | The politicization of tragedy and the Jilin stabbings

Several days ago, a Chinese man stabbed four American scholars in a public park. The scholars were visiting from Cornell College in Iowa. The man was later arrested, while the victims were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. As rare as this kind of incident is, it did not take much for certain individuals, as well as the media at large, to jump on it and push a narrative that this proved China is "not safe" for foreigners to visit. Others went further, speculating baselessly that the attack stemmed from an "Anti-foreigner" "Boxer rebellion" type backlash in China.

Opinion | The Gaza slaughter, a disaster for Israel and America

There is a disturbing difference between human beings and the untamed animal kingdom. In the human world, one man may cause the death of millions. Among animals in the wild, a rogue beast may endanger a herd, if that. There are no massacres among brutish animals. We thought, wrongly, that Hitler was a once-in-a-millennium monster. Now we know that he has been reincarnated as Bibi Netanyahu.

Opinion | Instigated by US, it's Philippine's military moves that have angered China

What is Joe Biden like, unlike Donald Trump? The more closely you study him, the better you get to understand him and his strategy: He's far more sophisticated and rational than his rival Donald Trump, the former president. On leadership, Biden triumphs over Trump in leading NATO, hence the European Union. By hijacking NATO, which under U.S. stewardship, Biden is fighting a proxy war – bolstering up Ukraine, fighting against Russia, which is out to stop the U.S.' eastward encroachment and expansion plan.

Opinion | How the US uses arbitrary supply chain laws to undercut China

It is alleged that the vehicle, with BMW being a German firm, utilized apart from a company that has been linked to "Uyghur forced labor" and is therefore prohibited from entry to the United States via the "Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (2021)" a highly arbitrary law which conveniently, broadly and opportunistically banned all imports from China's Xinjiang autonomous region on the assumption that unless proven otherwise, these products are made with forced labor. Companies in the region are requested to "prove a negative."

Opinion | Pansy Ho opens 'Legends of Chivalry' Exhibition with Ren Zhe

It all looks like that the untimely passing of tycoon Stanley Ho has not dented the family's fame and fortune; for, Pansy Ho, the dynamic daughter of the flamboyant Mr. Ho, has been quietly working her way not just into the great gaming enterprise left behind by her dear Dad, who was known far and wide by most of the Chinese people in Macau, Hong Kong and mainland China as the "King of Casinos".

Opinion | Macau, the most promising SAR, selected as 'Culture City of East Asia 2025'

Since its return to China, the motherland in 1999, Macau has been undergoing surgical operation, more precisely economic transformation, a result of close cooperation, collaboration and integration with Beijing, the central government.
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