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Watch This | A series of actions to curb China may lead to breakdown of Sino-US relations

Watch This | A series of actions to curb China may lead to breakdown of Sino-US relations

Opinion | 'Holistic security concept' matters in Hong Kong

For a long time, Hong Kong people have been quite weak in their understanding of national security and the actions needed to safeguard it. That is closely related to the resistance of some people in Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China, the Communist Party of China and their compatriots on the mainland; the dearth of national education, especially national security education; the incitement and propaganda of hostile forces at home and abroad; and the lack of understanding of the perilous and grim international situation by Hong Kong people.

Opinion | How one fake story illustrates the West's ignorance of China

Over the weekend, a baseless story, created by Falun Gong linked twitter accounts, went viral on twitter. Without any evidence whatsoever, the rumor stated that there had been an internal coup in China and the Chinese leader was under house arrest, citing an out-of-context video clip of military vehicles in an unspecified location. Despite the fact that the story was complete nonsense in every aspect, it was still widely shared throughout the platform and even trending. Several mainstream media outlets, including CNBC and Newsweek, even reported on the phenomenon.

Opinion | Freedom of expression: Hong Kong protects the rights its critics debase

In Hong Kong, freedom of expression is doubly protected, being guaranteed by both the Basic Law (Art.27) and the Hong Kong Bill of Rights (Art.16). The idea that people should be allowed to hold and express their own opinions has always been highly cherished in Hong Kong, and this did not change after 1997. In the Court of Final Appeal, the then-chief justice, Andrew Li Kwok-nang, described freedom of expression as "a fundamental freedom", and one that "lies at the heart of civil society and of Hong Kong's system and of its way of life" (FACC 4/1999).

Opinion | Which is the world's best political party?

With nearly 96 million members, in size, the CPC is the largest. In longevity, at 100 years old, it ranks third. But in delivering the goods, China's party wins by a country mile.

Opinion | Welcome to HK Mr. Gregory May: China needs you to help steer the stale relationship back on track

Since the trade war initiated by former president Donald Trump, and the war of words chosen by Joe Biden's administration both the US-led West and China have appeared to be wanting in courtesy. Feeling tired of it all, looking for a way out of this doldrum, the US is now making a positive move: Anthony Blinken, the Secretary of States gave a speech at George Washington University, praising Chinese students, "thanking" them for their "contributions" to American society.

Opinion | It's Anthony Blinken at his best: Listen to his speech at the George Washington University

The problem with the U.S. is the lack of a consistent China policy. It has apparently failed to have one voice, allowing some of their leaders to say one thing only to be followed by other opposing views, complicating bilateral U.S.-China relations.

Young Voices | The establishment of Chip 4 is a bad decision

In order to make its domestic and external challenges go away, the US has long been using political ploys to contain China's development. Signing various kinds of bills and establishing alliances are the ones that American politicians favor the most. In the Asia-Pacific region, the US also tries very hard to improve its relationship with China's neighbors.

Young Voices | Racial discrimination: The truth about American human rights

In 1997, UNESCO declared August 23 as the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition to raise people's awareness about the horrifying nature of the slave trade and remind people about the transatlantic slave trade and its implications. This day is not only observed in memory of all victims of the slave trade, but also aspires to promote critical examinations of such brutal behaviors that could lead to modern forms of exploitation and slavery. Unfortunately, American human rights nowadays have just shown the traits of this kind of exploitation and slavery.

Opinion | Britain's new uncertain era

Never was this better symbolized by the fact that Liz Truss is now Prime Minister, and Queen Elizabeth II happened to die just days later. It represents the end of one era and the opening of a new one.

Opinion | Another Truss U-turn required to bring UK out of economic doldrums

After the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on Sept 8, there was a huge outpouring of grief. This remarkable woman had reigned for over 70 years, longer than any other British monarch, and over 80 percent of Britons are said to have been born on her watch. Many of those paying tribute to her life and achievements said they would not see the like of her again, and her former prime ministers all held her in the highest regard.

Opinion | Strategic clarity is already here, let's be honest

On a Sunday night interview on the eve before attending the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, US President Joe Biden said again that the US would "defend" Taiwan if it were attacked by China. The remark, simply "yes", came as a response to a question which also specifically asked if the US would send "servicemen" in such an event.

Opinion | From the beauty of Himalaya to the blue ocean of Asia Pacific

If you are dreaming of a white Christmas in Himalaya, your dream is not too far off; it will be fulfilled as soon as the Trans-Himalayan Multi-Dimensional Connectivity Network is completed, a plan which is now being seriously set into motion between Nepal and China.

Opinion | Looking ahead to Hong Kong's future policies from President Xi's speech

The President of China, Xi Jinping made a vital speech, which is seen as enlightening the future path of Hong Kong. Before the speech, some worried that hardly would the "One Country, Two Systems" principle and the exceptional status of Hong Kong as a special administrative region be maintained. However, such a concern is undoubtedly redundant. It was as early as in 1982 when Deng Xiao Ping has already stated that "If our route is accurate, and our people advocate, there is nothing to be changed."

Opinion | New legal practice that helps Hong Kong citizens

Legislators and citizens alike have been calling for the full re-opening of the border between the Mainland and Hong Kong. If you ask lawyers, you will be informed that there used to be a barrier between the Mainland and Hong Kong in the legal world which made the unwanted need for parties to bring separate lawsuits in the courts of the Mainland and Hong Kong for the same dispute necessary. Now here comes the good news. With the enactment of the Mainland Judgments in Matrimonial and Family Cases (Reciprocal Recognition and Enforcement) Ordinance (Cap. 639).
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