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Opinion | Enacting measures to counter foreign interference, Singapore gives a lesson to Hong Kong again

There is a myth that Hong Kong senior officials want to learn their counterparts in Singapore. Yet, it seems that our civil servants lack the determination, or even the vision to enact similar laws.

Opinion | For China, Australia is a big puzzle

Of all the countries in the world, Australia is one that puzzles China: Australia is a big and beautiful country. The Australian people that we know of in Hong Kong are friendly, passionate, and well-informed. The former prime minister Kevin Rudd, a great statesman in the making is one of these global citizens, who can contribute to world peace by building international relations, but some how he was eased out. And, then we have Jason Wordie and many more talented Australians living and working in Hong Kong, Macau (SAR) or mainland China.

Opinion | Is China rejecting English and turning inward?

I read the front-page article with a heavy heart, in much the same panic way that the Americans were running away from the Twin Towers for an emergency exit…

Opinion | Prisoner radicalization: Protecting inmates and reforming fanatics

On Dec. 31, 2020, at the Correctional Services Department's 100th anniversary celebration, the commissioner, Woo Ying-ming, committed himself to leading it into "a new era in the aspects of safe custody, rehabilitation work and community education".

Opinion | The East is rising amid the great progress of China's export

Despite repeated COVID-19 outbreaks, China's economy thrives continuously, together with the latest figures on its foreign trade expansion. According to the data from the General Administration of Customs, the value of imports and exports attended a record high at $530.3 billion this year. That is to say, China has proven its robust economy, strong labor market, supportive manufacturing network and more importantly, scientific epidemic control.

Opinion | China's 'Tibet Today' wows the western world

I am exceedingly happy as these photos reminded me of the elusive good days that have now come to grace a nation which was once humbled by earthly poverty, isolated by mountains, and divided by silly politics.

Opinion | Desperate struggle of anti-China groups in HK doomed to fail

A notorious anti-China group in Hong Kong, named the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, put up a last-ditch resistance on Sunday (Sept. 5).

Opinion | Chinese President's leadership legacy turning Afghanistan crisis into rebirth of UN

Given Afghanistan's dire situation, China is ready to help UN and do a good job, except that the Taliban must show its sincerity, commitment and keep their promises. President Xi Jinping and his Russian friend President Vladimir Putin are waiting in the wings.

Opinion | Why did Washington lose the war in Afghanistan?

To address a sad American story of military misadventure in Afghanistan in one thousand words or a little more may not do justice either to a waning superpower or a stunned reader; however, let us part compassionately with a wise Chinese quote: "Empires wax and wane; states cleave asunder and coalesce. When the rule of Chou weakened seven contending principalities sprang up, warring one with another till they settled down as Ts'in and when its destiny had been fulfilled arose Ch'u and Han to contend for the mastery. And Han was the victor." (Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Chapter 1)

Opinion | The history of Afghanistan reminds us: no country, no home

Can you imagine one of the world's poorest countries, where women could enroll in university education and be able to wear mini-skirts in front of public? Ironic as it may be, these fascinating scenes happened in the golden age of Afghanistan.

Opinion | Truth is a casualty, when science is a servant to politics

China has no stomach nor any use for biological weapons. It was a victim of Japanese germ warfare during the Second World War. All it wants is to be the world's best-governed country, boasting breathtaking infrastructure, technology that has improved livelihood, and lifting 800 million out of poverty. The West has never given China any credit for the biggest achievements in human history. Its multiple good deeds have been totally discounted by its communist label.

Opinion | Under Trudeau, Canada is becoming the 51st State of the US

Canada is in the thick of another election. This time, more than the choice of leaders is at stake; it is a decision over what kind of country Canada wants to be. This election is about the soul of Canada.

Opinion | In response to European Chamber of Commerce: Our society cannot afford costs from subsequent waves of COVID-19

In an open letter to Chief Executive Carrie Lam, Frederik Gollob, the Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce, criticized her recent policy as a significant setback that heightens the entry requirements and quarantine periods for anyone arriving from 15 high-risk countries. As Gollob said, the newly introduced measures are out of proportion in comparison with European cases. Desirable or not, Gollob's open letter sparks off a heated discussion on whether our anti-epidemic measures should adhere to zero tolerance or the so-called living-with-virus principle.

Opinion | Can China succeed where America has failed: in coexistence with the Taliban?

There was this moving sight at the Kabul airport: A commotion caused by a crowd of desperate residents stampeding alongside—some climbed over and above--the gigantic American airplane which was taxiing on the tarmac and evacuating the Americans out of Kabul, the capital (in early anticipation of assault from the rapidly advancing Taliban).

Opinion | What China supports and opposes about COVID-19 origin tracing

As many parts of the world are facing a new wave of COVID-19, the international community needs more than ever to fight the pandemic together. However, the US and a few other countries have kept using the origin tracing of COVID-19 to confuse right and wrong and continually played up the "lab leak theory" to stigmatize and bully China. Here, China reiterates its position on COVID-19 origin tracing.
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