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Be My Guest | Being wings of hope: Slasher's social enterprise journey brings confidence to underprivileged women

We are honored to have Tommy Suen, Project Manager of Comfort Me, share his heartfelt journey into social enterprise, introducing us to how 3D-printed breast prostheses can help women. As a true "slasher", with a blend of humanities and STEM charm, not only is he actively involved in a variety of social activities, but he also has a perfect balance between life and work.

Be My Guest | Be a maverick: Young novelist exposes HK's social problems through magical realistic writing

Glamorous as it might appear to be, Hong Kong is one of those cities where you have to actually live there to see what's behind the glitz and glamor: the high cost and fast pace of life, the small living space, and the high level of anxiety among people. All these, however, become the perfect material for Cassie's vivid and explicit writing.

Be My Guest 22 Qs | Foreign kids' talk in HK: Wonderful life in 'future city'

Three tiny figures appeared in the studio today: Shristy from Nepal, Zlata from Russia, and Jacob from the Philippines. They are all studying at Yaumati Kaifong Association School.

Be My Guest | Nourished by Chinese Quyi, youth director gains new perspectives toward realistic, feminist themes

As an abstract term, "humanism" is embodied in the "reflection" of human beings. In recent years, with the advent of the information age and the rise of online opinion leaders, people have gradually begun to examine their own behavior and focus on social phenomena, trying to help solve social problems through their personal actions.

Be My Guest | 30 years of devotion: Eleri Wynne from UK endeavors to improve education in Chinese rural areas

Eleri Wynne, born in 1953 in Wales, is a teacher and pianist who is proficient in English, Welsh, French, Swedish, Chinese, and other languages. She has a Master's degree in literature and education from the University of Reading. Wynne has been a resident of China since her arrival in 1992 and claims that after 30 years there, she feels more at home there than in England.

Be My Guest | The healing power of service: HK radiologist Kevin Lau finds delight in giving back

Be My Guest | The healing power of service: HK radiologist Kevin Lau finds delight in giving back

Be My Guest | Bridging the gap: Pakistani publisher hopes to deepen friendship with China through books

To this day, the friendship between China and Pakistan remains strong. Danyal, who has been to China many times, expresses his love for China and its people. "I love China, I love Chinese culture, and I love people there." Danyal also hopes to take this opportunity to promote Pakistani culture to China and even the world, as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has facilitated deeper cooperation between Chinese and Pakistani enterprises.

Be My Guest | Chinese cinematographer in US: 'I want to learn things and give back to Chinese industry'

Born and raised in China, Nan Li graduated from American Film Institute in Cinematography. His work has been seen at the Houston, Vancouver, London, Los Angeles, and Rome International Film Festivals. In 2022, his work Boogie Rage won the Gold Remi Award for Cinematography from WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

Be My Guest | Say NO to stereotypes & Asian hate: Dutch-born HK director strives to promote Chinese culture on screen

"I was the first Chinese presenter in the Netherlands," CJ Cheung told us with a spark in his eyes. As a Dutch-born Chinese, Cheung is a program host and content creator keen on promoting Chinese culture, who is now based in Hong Kong.

Be My Guest | Art of extreme control: HK curling team hopes to promote 'chess on ice'

In this episode of Be My Guest, we invite three young representatives from the Hong Kong Curling Association (HKCuA): Ashura Wong, Member of HK Women's Curling Team, Martin Yan, Member of HK Men's Curling Team, and Jonas Lai, Member of HK Junior boys Curling Team. They have expressed their hope that through their continual efforts, more HK people, regardless of age, gender and physical strength, would be able to experience and enjoy the fascinating sport of curling.

Be My Guest | Patriotic HK youth devoted to public health development in GBA after postdoc research at Oxford & Harvard

In this episode of Be My Guest, we are honored to invite Dr. Ming Wai-kit, an assistant professor in public health and epidemiology at the City University of HK, to share with us his inspiring stories.

Be My Guest | Sinophile publisher from India: 'Dragon and elephant can dance together'

The history of interaction between India and China, two of the most ancient civilizations in the world, can be dated back to over 2,000 years ago. Kaushal Goyal, CEO of GBD BOOKS, is one of those people who have been keen on building a bridge between the two cultures through his own efforts.

Be My Guest | HK poet: Poetry is a way of life

Elegant, sensitive, and with a touch of class would be the three adjectives that come to your mind when you meet Julia Wen, until she affectionately reads to you one of her poems about her son in a subtly choked voice, and then you get to see the soft, gentle and loving part of this adorable lady. As Julia describes herself, she is "first and foremost a mother, a wife and basically a writer.”

Be My Guest | Richard Cullen: HK is a city full of surprise and wisdom

Richard Cullen, Law Professor of Hong Kong University, came to the city initially on a short-term contract, and ended up settling down here. This time, DotDotNews talks to Professor Cullen about his story with HK.

Be My Guest | Stefania Saviolo: New era of Chinese brands & designers is dawning

Coco Chanel, the founder of the luxury brand Chanel, once said, "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." That kind of concept coincides with the fashion philosophy of Stefania Saviolo, Italian professor of brand management at Bocconi University, who is also DotDotNews' guest for this episode of "Be My Guest".
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