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讓世界看到彩色的香港 讓香港看到彩色的世界

Opinion | Shame on the President of Columbia University, salute to the presidents of Hong Kong universities

In less than ten days, the President of Columbia U Minouche Shafik has released no fewer than four statements to calm a campus in crisis—all to no avail. She has lost the plot, the more empty words she speaks, the more she stirs the pot.

Opinion | From a pariah leader to a pariah state

As the Palestinian crisis spirals out of control, all parties are committing a big tactical blunder.

Opinion | America, no longer the land of the free

America is in turmoil. Pro-Palestinian protests are spreading like wildfire across US campuses. To the outside world, something else is even more upsetting: US politicians' reactions to the unrest. One, incredibly, compares the outbursts of demonstrations to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, calling them a textbook case of a plot to "overthrow a democracy", without mentioning that the only weapons in the hands of students are tents and banners. Opportunistically, Trump blames Biden for the anti-Israeli campaigns.

Opinion | America's China disease

Disparaging China has not only become an American disease, but an American epidemic. This hopelessly polarized country now has only one thing in common: antipathy towards China. Even for a Russia at war, it still boasts apologists in America, of which Donald Trump is the most prominent. But China haters, alarmingly, are becoming the fastest growing demographic in the US.

Opinion | The birth of a country of cruelty, and the death of the global 'rule-based' order

Not since Hitler's Germany has a country so blatantly crossed every red line and flouted every norm of human decency. World-wide protests have failed to curtail Israel's genocidal savagery. Nurses, doctors, and journalists are indiscriminately killed and UN aid workers are deliberately harassed, beaten and murdered. Hospitals, schools and mosques in Gaza are reduced to rubble.

Opinion | A broken marriage, a broken brand and a broken country---Justin Trudeau, Canada's master of disaster

In the history of world politics, never has so much been owed to something so small. Justin Trudeau did not just ride on his famous father's coattails. He rode it on the outcome of a minor amateur boxing match. In March 2012, he went toe- to-toe with a Conservative senator in the ring and emerged as the winner. That victory transformed him from a political lightweight into a heavyweight, profusely praised as a symbol of toughness and courage. That bout costs Canada dearly. From that point on, the style has trumped substance, launching the 8-year reign of the "Paris Hilton of Canadian politics".

Opinion | Biden or Trump—Who is the lesser of two evils for China?

In the American political zoo, the China dove is an endangered species. It is overrun by squawking China hawks. Being hawkish towards China is the only common ground for its two parties, the difference between them being only a difference of degree.

Opinion | TikTok, America turns back the clock

America's dirty shoe has finally dropped. By a vote of 352 to 65, or 81% of congress members, US legislators have decided to kill off TikTok. The bill gives its Beijing-based owner ByteDance six months to find a buyer or face a ban in America. TikTok's days look numbered. The pretext is national security. The subtext is its Chinese ownership.

Opinion | Come on, Ambassador Burns, take a Viagara or two

I am getting worried about your health. You never seemed to smile. Since coming to China as US ambassador, you have been wearing a permanent scowl. From time to time, you spout fantastical theories about the China Threat. Only the other day, you swore that the US would never accept living in a world dominated by China, with its Chinese values. China dominating and ideologically brainwashing the world? You are living in Alice's Wonderland. China is no monster, and the US is no saint.

Opinion | The Gaza Genocide—the beginning of the end of the American era

There are no winners in the Gaza war. The biggest loser is of course the Palestinians, dismissed as "children of a lesser god". Their pathetic lives are worthless in the eyes of Israeli and American decision-makers.

Opinion | The Ugly American is a twin brother to the Ignorant American

There is an epidemic of ignorance cross-contaminating the disease of idiocy in America. I can easily relate to Charles Pierce's book title: "Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free."

Opinion | A bitter lesson in Canadian democracy

"Go back to your country!" These words are poison to an immigrant. A vile white woman shouted at a long-time Chinese-Canadian resident to "Go back to Hong Kong", calling him unCanadian for rejecting the proposed injection site for drug addicts in Richmond—a topic that has dominated kitchen tables in local Canadian Chinese households.

Opinion | Thank you Leo Messi—for uniting Hong Kong

Thank you Leo Messi. You have managed to unite a divided city against uncalled- for public humiliation. Your half-presence and non-participation in that non-game must surely go down as a moment unique in our history. Never has an event been so hyped, so fought-over, so eagerly anticipated and such a colossal anticlimactic letdown. Never has a slap to our face been so painful and so loud. It is a galactic PR disaster without parallel and without precedent.

Opinion | No more finger-pointing at China

The word "genocide" should be retired next to Xinjiang. It exists only in the murky minds of Western politicians out to tar-and-feather China.

Opinion | The Tyranny of Political Correctness: Misgoverned Canada goes downhill

Politicians and pundits in the West never tire of calling China a repressive society. But what if I told you that there is another form of repression far more tyrannical in how it operates. It is called political correctness, or wokeness. What is being woke? It is liberalism gone loony. Case in point, LGBTQ values have become aggressively mainstream in Canada. The prevailing climate of opinion sucks the oxygen out of freedom of expression on this matter.
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