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Opinion | How the US has shifted the fulcrum on Ukraine to be 'China's Problem'

Starting around April 2024, the United States, backed by tactical leaks to the mainstream media, began to accuse China of extensively backing Russia in its war on Ukraine. Although the previous line the US had set from the war's outbreak in 2022 merely demanded China refrained from "direct military support," albeit always to put pressure on Moscow, this new line now began to accuse Beijing of being an "indirect supplier" in the form of critical components and other parts.

Opinion | The Reuters Revelations on China's Vaccine Campaign is what I told you years ago

Over the weekend the news agency Reuters unleashed a bombshell revelation that the United States Military waged a deliberate psychological warfare and propaganda campaign that was aimed at discrediting China's vaccines in South East Asia, in particular, the Philippines. The campaign, which was run out of Tampa, Florida, involved US military contractors creating hundreds of fake social media accounts that impersonated Filipinos and other Southeast Asian people, trashing the credibility of China's Sinovac vaccine.

Opinion | The politicization of tragedy and the Jilin stabbings

Several days ago, a Chinese man stabbed four American scholars in a public park. The scholars were visiting from Cornell College in Iowa. The man was later arrested, while the victims were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. As rare as this kind of incident is, it did not take much for certain individuals, as well as the media at large, to jump on it and push a narrative that this proved China is "not safe" for foreigners to visit. Others went further, speculating baselessly that the attack stemmed from an "Anti-foreigner" "Boxer rebellion" type backlash in China.

Opinion | How the US uses arbitrary supply chain laws to undercut China

It is alleged that the vehicle, with BMW being a German firm, utilized apart from a company that has been linked to "Uyghur forced labor" and is therefore prohibited from entry to the United States via the "Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (2021)" a highly arbitrary law which conveniently, broadly and opportunistically banned all imports from China's Xinjiang autonomous region on the assumption that unless proven otherwise, these products are made with forced labor. Companies in the region are requested to "prove a negative."

Opinion | The study on British media negativity pertaining to China is the tip of the iceberg

Recently, an academic study conducted by the Lau China Institute of King's College London in conjunction with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, titled: "Shaping the policy debate: How the British media presents China" was widely shared on social media. As its name suggests, the report covered British media discourse of Chinese topics, and came to the conclusion that such coverage was in fact overwhelmingly negative. As researcher Dr. Tim Summers concludes: "Negative media coverage of China reinforces and contributes to widespread negative views about China in the UK.

Opinion | The inconsequential and inevitable landslide, a British election without real choice

On July 4th, the United Kingdom will hold a General Election. All polls point undisputedly towards the Conservative Party facing a colossal, if not historic defeat, with Keir Starmer's Labour to be elected in a landslide. I sympathize with public opinion on the matter, the government is quite rightfully seen as an absolute shambles and its record of governing has been nothing short of catastrophic. Rishi Sunak has attempted to replace serious policies with hollow populist right-wing talking points, all while the economy has effectively crumbled and the cost of living has surged.

Opinion | Can China-Japan-South Korea trilateralism achieve meaningful results

On Sunday the first China-Japan-South Korea trilateral summit was held in Seoul, with China's Li Qiang meeting with South Korean President Yoon Seok-Yeol and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. This was the first trilateral between the countries since 2019, with disruptions having been caused due to the pandemic. Beijing obviously wanted to utilize the event as a means of affirming stable economic and trade ties between the two countries, who as allies of the United States are subjected to Washington's influence accordingly.

Opinion | How Hamas is politically and diplomatically defeating Israel

When Hamas launched their October 7th attack against Israel, killing an estimated 1300 people, western leaders quickly threw themselves behind Tel Aviv's right to self-defense. In theory, a retaliatory military campaign by Israel was morally and legally justifiable, because we must not be blinded by ideology and geopolitics to recognize that such an attack was grotesque and its innocent victims did not deserve their fate.

Opinion | US hegemony and the rule of law are two different things

On Monday the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced that it would be seeking arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as the leader of Hamas, on the count of war crimes. While Hamas is held responsible for the October 7th massacre invading Israel and killing and abducting over 1000 people, Israel under Netanyahu responded with an absolutely relentless bombing campaign, mass destruction and invasion of the Gaza Strip that killed tens of thousands of innocent people and has been widely decried as a genocide.

Opinion | History takes another surprise turn

The President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, has presumedly died in a helicopter accident, alongside Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian. The Helicopter crashed near Varzaqan, a mountainous forested region to the northwest of the country. After hours of searching, rescuers reached the site to find it completely burned and stated it was unlikely anyone survived.

Opinion | America's new era of inwardness

It should come as no surprise to anyone yesterday that US Joe Biden unleashed a new wide range of tariffs on Chinese renewable energy goods, including a 100% levy on the import of Electric Vehicles. The policy move had been a long time coming and had been championed with a repetitive narrative accusing Beijing of "overcapacity" in its production, claiming that it has "unfair trade practices" driven by state subsidies.

Opinion | The British McCarthyist wave

On Monday morning the London Metropolitan Police announced the charging of three men under the "National Security Act of 2023" under the accusations that they had "assisted a foreign intelligence service". It is, of course, a significant irony, that the UK is using national security legislation to arrest people on charges of foreign collusion while nonetheless seeking to deny Hong Kong itself that same right.

Opinion | The British Saboteur

Just a day after Chinese leader Xi Jinping commenced his official trip to Europe and met with French President Emmanuel Macron, a report appeared on Britain's Conservative-aligned broadcaster Sky News proclaiming that China had engaged in a hack of the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Without offering any evidence, the report stated that Beijing had compromised the data of British soldiers and employees.

Opinion | The struggle for Europe's future

Europe is arguably at the biggest turning point it has experienced in the 21st century. Throughout history, the continent has faced many critical inflection points including 1914-1918, 1939-1945, and of course 1991. The year 2022, however, marked another turning point, which abruptly emerged with Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The war has had a chilling impact on global politics which has ultimately ushered in a broader geopolitical, economic and ideological conflict, empowering a new generation of NeoConservatives in individuals such as Ursula Von Der Leyden.

Opinion | America & Hong Kong, a double standard in campus occupations

As a result of America's unconditional support of Israel's brutal war in Gaza, a movement started at New York's Columbia University that has seen students, amongst other activists, occupy campuses and call for divestment of their institution's ties with Tel Aviv. The movement quickly spread across the country, as well as the world. Perhaps to nobody's surprise, the occupations have drawn widespread condemnation from the American political and media class who have branded them "Antisemitic".
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