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讓世界看到彩色的香港 讓香港看到彩色的世界

The future of parenting: Gender neutrality?

Currently, a new style of parenting — Gender neutral parenting — is becoming more widespread and encouraged within families and parental communities. Gender neutral parenting stems from the idea of gender neutrality, where people are not distinguished by whether they are born male or female - biological sex is not made the determining factor of physical and psychological characteristics, and is detached from social roles in order to avoid fixed stereotypes on the abilities and capacities of men and women.

Exclusive | Olympic gold medalist Edgar Cheung: 'I'm not the best, I still have to work hard'

Olympic gold medalist Edgar Cheung talks about his gold metal victory, feelings and future plans.

Why race is a myth: The interpretation of race in anthropology

Race has always been a common factor used as a means of categorization of people. By defining groups of people through a set of observable characteristics, classification through race becomes convenient and automatic, but also has detrimental impacts on perception of identity. In recent times, as racial tensions run high as people of colour rise to defy racial bias and discrimination embedded in social institutions, it is crucial to deconstruct the concept of race to understand what race represents at its core in order to fully subvert systemic racism and achieve stable equality.

German girl speaks out for China, no fear of attacks

Navina Heyden, a 21-year-old German girl, has been attracting a lot of attention online recently. For more than a year, she has been speaking out on Twitter and other social media platforms, refuting all the attacks on China in the Western media and showing the real situations in China to overseas netizens. But because of that, Navina has been subjected to a lot of online violence, and was recently attacked by German media outlet Die Welt and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a British think tank.

US$4.6 billion sales a year? Viya nails it via live-streaming

It's no news that e-commerce in China is highly developed and COVID lockdowns propelled it even further. Chinese e-commerce is projected to be US$1 trillion dollars in 2020, up from US$862 billion in 2019. As for Viya, in 2019, the turnover during the Double 11 Shopping Festival exceeded 3 billion yuan, and in 2020, she topped the list of live-streaming e-commerce with over 30 billion yuan (US$4.66 billion) of sales...

Evidence reveals: US research paid HKUST students for participating in protests

A paper on how to "incentivize" protest movements in HK was published in the latest June issue of American Economic Review, a world-renowned academic journal.

Truth Is | Who tries to stigmatize Sinovac vaccine?

Since its introduction to Hong Kong, Sinovac has been the subject of heated discussion. HK experts tried to block it because of the lack of a Phase III medical report, and the government had to waive that requirement to introduce it successfully. Recently, there have been several incidents of side effects and deaths after inoculation, causing some citizens to cancel the injections in fear. What exactly leads to the tarnished reputation of Sinovac? Watch this video to find out the truth.

Exclusive | Carrie Lam: HK people will be the biggest beneficiary from improving electoral system

The National People's Congress has passed the decision to improve Hong Kong's electoral system. To help the general public better understand the upcoming changes, DotDotNews conducts an exclusive interview with Ms. Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of the HKSAR.

Freeze Peach | Tech overlords self-medicate inauguration fever

Freeze Peach is an irreverent weekly column dedicated to newsfeed commentary and cultural analysis. The name is a corruption of the phrase free speech. Turn on, tune in, drop out.

Serendipity | Dazzling & Puzzling: Ubiquitous Chinese New Year elements adopted by big brands

2021 is a year of the Ox, and as usual, big brands are trying every effort to blend Chinese New Year elements with their newly-launched products almost everywhere. Some of them are creative, glamorous and dazzling, while others can be quite puzzling and make us wonder: Do these big brands really understand Chinese elements in a correct way?

The battle never ends: Horrifying pandemics in human history

In a pandemic era when COVID-19 death toll has reached 2 million worldwide, everyone has been anxiously waiting for the vaccines reaching those in need and actually turning things around. But if you think twice about it, the whole human history is actually a continuous battle between us and different kinds of pandemics.

Exclusive Case | People under quarantine become new fraud targets

It seems that the fraudsters can always find new ways to set a trap for their victims. It is not surprising that in the pandemic era, cheaters get to take advantage of the special physical and mental states of people under quarantine to pave the way for their tricks. The following case shows how COVID-19 could lead to victimization in a scam.

Serendipity | The wisdom of have-it-all: 4 eye-catching canvas bags to embrace the New Year

2020 has been an extremely challenging and tumultuous year for the whole world where many people face unimaginable losses, haunting depressive mood and even mental breakdown. As we all reset for a brand-new year ahead, who doesn't want to treat oneself something rewarding? Luckily, here we present these must-have canvas bags which are perfect manifestation of the have-it-all wisdom.

Exclusive Case | Virtual love could be scam in disguise

To many, it is romantic to develop a virtual relationship and there are moments when you believe you've found your soulmate who can read your mind. But be cautious: The sweet words might turn into a poisoned sword that will eventually attack you severely.

Serendipity | Beyond Ding Zhen sensation: Tibetan boy conquers netizens' hearts with pureness and rugged sweet smile

Ding Zhen (Tamdrin's name in Mandarin) would never have thought that an ordinary experience to buy instant noodles at the entrance of the village would change his life so abruptly and completely. The 10-second video of him captured by a photographer went viral instantly. This 20-year-old youth of the Tibetan ethnic group in Southwest China's Sichuan province has become an Internet sensation, conquering netizens' hearts and popping up on almost every social media platform in China.
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