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讓世界看到彩色的香港 讓香港看到彩色的世界

The battle never ends: Horrifying pandemics in human history

In a pandemic era when COVID-19 death toll has reached 2 million worldwide, everyone has been anxiously waiting for the vaccines reaching those in need and actually turning things around. But if you think twice about it, the whole human history is actually a continuous battle between us and different kinds of pandemics.

A century ago: Jet-setting life of Guangdong people in China's Republican Era (Part II)

At the beginning of the 20th century, a radical commercial transformation took place in Guangdong, and the pursuit of foreign goods became the mainstream of people's consumption. The blend and merge of Chinese and foreign products, cultures, values, and life patterns boosted in the Republic of China, and new patterns of clothing, food, housing and transportation emerged. A hundred years ago, the sea-trade changed people's lives at that time, while the entry of imported products also promoted the gradual development and growth of national industries.

A century ago: Jet-setting life of Guangdong people in China's Republican Era (Part I)

At the beginning of the twentieth century, there was a radical commercial transformation in Guangdong, and the pursuit of foreign goods became the mainstream of people's consumption. "Lai Lo goods" (imported goods) flooded into the coastal cities, where Chinese and foreign values, cultures, and life patterns began to meet and merge.

Photos | 25 mind-numbing pictures about gigantophobia

All kinds of phobias exist out there, but a fairly well-known one is megalophobia, which is the fear of large objects. This applies to things like large sculptures, towering buildings, giant aquatic animals. The list goes on and on.

To be or not to be: Modish HK Cha chaan teng go out of the woods by hot sale

Hong Kong may have a reputation as a futuristic, unrealistic city for many outsiders, but that is only a fraction of all. In reality, HK has its unique hustle and bustle of the secular life. Multifarious local eateries scattered among the shiny new skyscraper are serving delicacy to eager customers. Thousands of unforgettable HK's dishes and snacks were originated from these local restaurants. HK Cha chaan teng has gradually become the signature of HK's culinary culture.

The spirit of less-is-more: HK Cha chaan teng's heart-warming power

Some people say that Cha chaan teng, which refers to Hong Kong-style tea restaurant in Cantonese, is the first generation of the online sensation for catering industry in mainland China, while others call it many diners' "shining moonlight", something so beautiful that will linger in your memory forever.

A Thousand Hamlets | Arts amid pandemic: Colors of hope illuminate grey times

With canceled exhibitions and closed galleries, the art industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. In spite of this, Illuminati Fine Art is presenting Wong Sau Ching’s exhibition "Beyond the Senses" through Jan. 31, 2021, in Central, Hong Kong. The exhibition features 24 pieces of oil paintings by the artist in the past three years, demonstrating his new ways of artistic expression.

Never too late to 'be myself': 89-year-old grandma becomes video influencer

It's never too late to live your dream. On the Bilibili website, China's largest video streaming platform which was initially famous for its "bullet screen" (viewers' real-time comments popping up across the screen) and animation themes, an 89-year-old grandma called Jiang Minci surprisingly became an influencer.

Exclusive | Q&A with UAE Consulate in HKSAR: How to better promote economic and cultural exchanges?

As Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's (HKSAR) largest trading partner in the Middle East and 17th largest trading partner worldwide, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has enjoyed robust bilateral trade relations with HKSAR over the years. DotDotNews reporters visit the UAE Consulate in HK and had an exclusive interview with Ms. Mariam Alshamsi, the Acting Consul General of the United Arab Emirates in HK, upon issues of economic and cultural exchanges. 

Exclusive | Ten trailblazing Emirati women you should know

The dedication of a special day to celebrate the UAE's women was first announced in 2015 by H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, founder and chairwoman of the General Women's Union, Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation, and President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood. This annual celebration marks the anniversary of creating the General Women's Union in 1975, UAE's first umbrella organization. It highlights the crucial role of women in the advancement of the country.

Frontline of Taobao Maker Festival 2020|Six future trends unveil opportunities for young entrepreneurs

On the very frontline of this year's Taobao Maker Festival (TMF), DotDotNews has got the newly-published handbook on six future trends that perfectly showcase how far our young entrepreneurs can reach with their creativity. Some industries that were previously overlooked or unexplored are ushering in a new era.

Frontline of Taobao Maker Festival 2020|Mind-blowing gourmets: As long as you dare

On Taobao, there have always been a bunch of gourmets who think out of the box and would use their creativity to completely blow your mind. They dare to combine contrasting flavors and present a visual feast for your eyes. In this year’s Taobao Maker Festival (TMF), which food products will stand out and catch your attention instantly? Let’s start the journey with DotDotNews’ reporter on the frontline!

Frontline of Taobao Maker Festival 2020|Chinese Girl makes popular Han-styled pet apparel for cats

What does it feel like to turn a hobby into a job? Doing what you like while earning a good income is probably the common ideal life for young people born after the 1990s. In Changsha, Hunan Province, Qiu Qiao, a girl born in 1994, is the role model of many people. Her brand "Chunfeng Daxiaoqiao" is a Taobao shop that specializes in creating fashionable Han-styled pet apparel, focusing on putting exquisite Han-style clothes on cats. In less than a year, her shop's monthly turnover exceeded 70,000 RMB.

Frontline of Taobao Maker Festival 2020|Creativity from a double-sided life revitalizes Chinese traditional clothing

How does it feel like to live a double-sided life as a rigorous code-writing programmer by day and an active fun-loving dancer at bars by night? The store owner of "Han-style clothing woven by Qiao", Wang Mengqiao, 27, was born into a family of tailors and her limited edition for this year's Taobao Maker Festival (TMF) is a must-have for people in first-tier cities.

Frontline of Taobao Maker Festival 2020|An ordinary's Iron Man dream comes true

Liu Dongsheng, a 34-year-old ordinary man from Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan Province, has dreamed since childhood that he would one day be able to fly like Iron Man.
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