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Opinion | Understanding challenges from the youth's perspective

In order to cherish resources and avoid waste and misallocation, precision has become crucial in many social services today. Precision is required in poverty alleviation, and it becomes even more important in youth development affairs. Otherwise, not only would it waste social resources, but it could also potentially hinder the future development of young people. The responsibility is indeed significant.

Opinion | Ensuring women's rights and promoting social development

Educated individuals understand that gender equality is a fundamental human right. Moreover, it is a necessary foundation for a society to achieve peace, prosperity, and sustainable development. Due to the promotion of universal education and government efforts, progress has been made in gender equality in many countries over the past few decades. However, the situation is still far from ideal in many regions.

Opinion | Macro and micro perspectives on the Belt and Road Initiative

As early as 2013, President Xi Jinping proposed the joint construction of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" with countries in Europe and Asia during his state visits, aiming to strengthen economic ties, deepen cooperation, expand development space, and enhance cooperation in five areas: policy coordination, infrastructure connectivity, trade facilitation, financial integration, and people-to-people bonds.

Opinion | Embracing the role of connector to empower the financial center

Hong Kong is one of the world's financial centers, and the financial industry is the backbone of our economy. However, in this highly competitive environment, no position is unshakable. It is essential for us to continuously optimize our financial infrastructure and conditions, seize the opportunities at hand, and consolidate and further enhance Hong Kong's status as a financial center.

Opinion | Shared prosperity as the consensus for poverty alleviation

To effectively address poverty, poverty alleviation efforts must employ precision as a strategy. It is crucial to accurately identify the target groups most in need of poverty alleviation services, propose targeted and appropriate poverty alleviation projects, and establish more meaningful and indicative "poverty lines" As an non-official member of the Commission on Poverty, I strongly agree with these "technical" aspects and have invested considerable effort in their discussion and formulation.

Opinion | The urgent need for reviewing housing policies

In the realm of housing issues around the world, Hong Kong is among the top contenders, and of course, this is not something to be proud of.

Opinion | HK culture could be promoted through competitions

To effectively promote Hong Kong culture, I suggest organizing a series of cultural competitions. These competitions could encompass various aspects such as Hong Kong music, food, fashion and history. Through these competitions, we could generate more interest and attention among the public, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of Hong Kong's culture.

Opinion | Green future: The crucial role of low-carbon buildings in tackling climate change

When visiting Hong Kong, Victoria Peak is a must-visit attraction. During the day, standing at the top of the Peak Tower offers a panoramic view of the bustling city below. At night, the sparkling lights of the "Pearl of the Orient" are even more dazzling. Indeed, the countless high-rise buildings form a significant and captivating part of Hong Kong's allure.

Opinion | Providing quality childcare: Unlocking workforce potential

Recently, there was news about "Zero Placement Fee" for domestic helpers, and rumors suggest that Indonesia will introduce new measures where the administrative and recruitment fees of around HKD 5,000 for Indonesian domestic workers will be borne by the employers. This has caused concern among many employers. The original purpose of introducing foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong was to release labor within families, allowing them to pursue opportunities outside the home without having to worry about childcare and household chores, thereby contributing to economic prosperity.

Opinion | Enhancing youth homeownership rate to strengthen a sense of belonging

Sense of belonging is a feeling that individuals have when they feel connected to a country, region, community, school, religion, or any group and are accepted by its members. This emotional need for acceptance and belonging can be expressed through identification, loyalty, affection, and reliance. While it may seem subjective as it is based on personal feelings, it becomes undeniably real when we observe where others choose to settle or cheer passionately for athletes representing their beloved country.

Opinion | Green Finance: The key mission for building sustainable future

Many economic activities are beneficial from the perspective of development, but they can cause damage to the environment. To achieve a win-win situation, one can consider green finance. Green finance is any structured financial product or service created to ensure a better environment. This includes loans, debt facilities, and investments, with the funds used to encourage the development of green projects or minimize the environmental impact of conventional development projects.

Opinion | Showcasing Hong Kong's story through a successful National Games

During overseas visits, the Chief Executive often emphasizes the importance of telling Hong Kong's story. To effectively convey this narrative, there is no better way than to successfully host large-scale events that showcase the post-pandemic vibrancy of Hong Kong to the international community. Two years from now, the 15th National Games will be jointly hosted by Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Opinion | Promoting patriotic education: Not limited to foreign countries

I just watched the opening ceremony of the 31st World University Summer Games held at the main stadium of Dong'an Lake Sports Park in Chengdu, Sichuan. Although the competitions have not yet begun, I can already imagine the excitement and immense sense of national pride on the faces of the athletes and their supporters when they wrap themselves in the national flag and take a lap around the field after winning the championship.

Opinion | Broadening the horizon: Setting the path for economic development

Although the world has gradually emerged from the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, the reality is that the economic situation is not as expected, as seen by analysts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Due to the turbulence in the financial industry, high inflation, the ongoing impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the three-year-long pandemic that has ravaged the world, their forecast for the global economic outlook can be summarized in one word: "uncertain."

Opinion | Disregarding established rules and abusing public power

Last Friday, Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee concluded his trip to Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia last Friday. While this was a positive development, it was overshadowed by reports that he may not be invited to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting. Despite the disappointing rumors, John Lee responded directly and forcefully, he stood up straight because the truth of this matter was on his side, not on the side of the United States.
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