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Connecting Dots | Smashing the gas every day? Racing driver: I'm like a granny on the road

Hong Kong hosted the FIA World Rallycross Championship Season Finale for the very first time last month at the Central Harbourfront Event Space. This time, our reporters interviewed some racing drivers and the audience at the scene. How do the racing drivers normally drive on the road? Do they prefer electric cars or petrol ones? Watch the video now for their answers!

Connecting Dots | Rush & ride! What do foreign friends say about HK’s horse racing?

Come to Hong Kong to watch horse racing! As one of the most popular sports in Hong Kong, the historic Hong Kong Horse Racing has always been favored. Along with the sport, horse betting has been developed to add a more colorful element to the event. This time, we caught up with some of the foreign spectators at the races to find out how they reacted to this event.

Connecting Dots | What would people do if they got USD 1 billion?

There is a Chinese saying: "A man cannot get rich without getting money by accident." If you get a billion dollars suddenly, what would you do with it? Would you enjoy yourself with fantastic entertainment and have a feast, invest in stocks and go into business, or devote yourself to public welfare and find a charity to be a good person?

Connecting Dots | Here comes Eason! Star-studded show staged at 2023 Hong Kong Tennis Open

The Prudential Hong Kong Open 2023, also known as the 10th Hong Kong Tennis Open, was held in Hong Kong from October 9th to 15th. In addition to the exciting matches on the court, there were also highlights off the court.

Connecting Dots | No more seafood? People share views on Fukushima wastewater discharge

After the Fukushima nuclear accident, Japan used a large amount of seawater to cool its reactors. And over the years, more than 1,000 giant water storage tanks have gradually reached their capacity. To solve that problem, the Japanese government has decided to start discharging "treated" Fukushima radioactive wastewater into the Pacific Ocean from August 24, 2023 onwards. Although the discharge plan has been tested and reviewed by the IAEA, some people are still not convinced by the official data.

Connecting Dots | HK Cat Expo 2023 witnesses laughter and tears of fur-parents with their kitties

Since ancient Egypt, the relationships between cats and humans have always been intertwined. The erratic personality and endearing looks make cats win innumerable people's hearts. They may be sweet, humorous, cuddly, or "aloof" at times, but these energetic cats are comparable to the treasures that humans wish to possess.

Connecting Dots | Merchants cheer for good business at Food Expo

As an old Chinese saying goes, "Food is the god of the people (people view food as their primary need)". The Food Expo organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) ended successfully on August 21, proving that HK's exhibition industry and business are moving further towards recovery.

Connecting Dots | What do foreigners say about Chengdu Universiade?

The 31st FISU World University Games is drawing to an end, with the closing ceremony taking place tonight at 8 pm at the Chengdu Open-air Music Park.

Connecting Dots | What was your childhood dream?

Ah, when we recall our childhood memories, we were so innocent and full of dreams, weren't we? Back then, we daydreamed about our future lives, imagining ourselves as brilliant scientists, daring astronauts, or inspiring teachers.

Connecting Dots | Elsewhere, Home: Why did you choose HK?

Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city where people from all over the world gather here. Whether it's for work, study or travel, HK always has so much to offer. Have you ever wondered what brought you to HK? What are the reasons why you stay here? Today, our reporter Alayna interviewed non-locals randomly at Time Square in Causeway Bay. If you want to know why they came to HK and what kind of impression they have, please watch the video to find out more.

Connecting Dots | Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg: Who is winner in cage fight?

In an early tweet, Musk expressed a desire to face off against Zuckerberg in a "cage fight", a sentiment that wasn't lost on UFC's head, Dana White. White confirmed that he'd been in touch with both men and they'd shown a willingness to participate. Zuckerberg chimed in too, cryptically responding, "Send me location."

Connecting Dots | International dragon boat race: foreigners enjoy Chinese culture in HK

During our street interviews, we talked to many foreign visitors and participants who expressed great excitement about the race. Many of them said that it was their first time taking part in such a grand event after the pandemic, and it was also a great opportunity for them to experience the culture and charm of Hong Kong.

Connecting Dots | (Street interview) What is the funniest thing in HK?

Hong Kong is home to many of the world's top-ranked universities, and as a result, the city is full of students from all over the world. In this video, our reporter Maggie interviews random Hong Kong Baptist University students about their campus life in HK.

Connecting Dots | (Street interview) What are future plans for HKBU graduates?

Here comes the graduation season! As graduates officially step into society, what are their plans for the future?

Connecting Dots | (Street interview) How do HK citizens spend their consumption vouchers?

Early this month, the Hong Kong government has disbursed the first voucher under the 2022 (Phase II) Consumption Voucher Scheme to about 6.36 million eligible persons. In this video, Daniel Szuc, an Australian host who has been living in HK for many years, interviewed HK citizens on the streets of Causeway Bay about how they are spending their vouchers.
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