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Opinion | Why must Marcos be as mad as a red bull?

By Augustus K. Yeung

Two months ago, my wife and I farewelled Jessy, a janitor who was cleaning garbage in our building; a week ago, I met a guy also from the Philippines, working as a cleaner in the newly renovated Red Market, a historic local landmark; and, we are now waiting to meet Mario's daughter, who is attending Fukien University, and will be here in Macau to be with her parents, who are also Filipinos working in Macau.

All three families are from the Philippines, working, residing and studying happily in various parts of China. Why must Marcos be as mad as a red bull – challenging China for maritime rights, and siding with the U.S., holding joint drills with the sole purpose of confronting and containing China?

Are the few fishermen's fishing rights so important to Marcos Jnr. that he must escalate the claims with China, and actively inviting the U.S. to confront China militarily?! Or Marcos is using the fishermen and the manufactured issue as an excuse to jointly confront China – doing the biddings of the U.S.?!

America's opportunistic mass media could be making millions of dollars by fueling the so-called issue of the day, using sensational language as if war between China and the U.S. is about to happen, saying" "Marcos has thrown down the gauntlet…" and asking: "How's China going to respond?"

"CELEBRATING INDEPENDENCE DAY: A TRIBUTE TO FILIPINO RESILIENCE" was the headline of a local English-language newspaper.

The Filipino community pulsated with pride and unity during the commemoration of the 126th Independence Day of the Philippines yesterday (Wednesday, June 12),which gathered compatriots from different sectors.

June 12, 1898, was the pivotal moment when the island nation made its move for autonomy. Hosted by the Philippine Consulate General in Macau, led by Porfirio M. Mayo Jr, yesterday was celebration of the shared spirit of the Filipino community – and their adopted home, Macau.

The Consul General's words echoed with hope and reassurance, "We want the world to see the Philippines standing proudly as a free nation..."

Speaking at the reception that featured cultural performances, Mayo recalled that over the years, amidst the challenges of building a new life – in a foreign land, the Filipino community had found solace and strength in their shared cultural traditions.

Tens of thousands of Filipinos have made Macau their second home, contributing significantly to the city's economy across various sectors.

For the official, the city has been a home to Filipino entrepreneurs – who had built successful businesses, artists who had found new platforms to showcase their talents, and families who chose to create a chapter in their lives in the Macau (SAR), China.

Filipino community groups and artists are also frequently invited and called on to perform various cultural celebrations of Macau, further adding to the vibrancy and luster of the city that they have chosen as their second home.

"Our growing number is indeed a testament to Macau's openness and amity towards Filipinos and other migrant workers. Many of our Filipino entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals, some of whom are present here today, have already established roots in Macau," said Mayo.

Each one of them has their own story…Each one is a testament to the strength and spirit of the Filipino people," he added.

Filipinos comprise the largest migrant community in Macau. Data from the government shows that by year end 2023, Macau was home to 28,800 Filipinos, a number that has far increased during these six months.

The Philippines is also a significant source of tourist arrivals for Macau, with 314,161 visitors from the Philippines recorded in 2023.

"Allow me to express my profound gratitude to the government of Macau – for being benevolent and gracious hosts to Filipinos living and working in this beautiful city. The consulate is able to fulfill its mandate and serve our nations freely through the local government's steadfast support," said Mayo in his remarks.

Currently, Macau is also home to a number of different Filipino organizations in Macau amid the growing community, which the Consul General described as "strong and reliable allies of the consulate general in community building and cultural promotion."

Meanwhile, at the reception, Wong Sio Chak, Secretary for Security, Macau, and representative of the Chief Executive, remarked that since the resumption of social and economic activities last year, and with the joint efforts of all walks of life, the local economy has recovered significantly and achieved good results and progress in different areas.

This includes the valuable contributions of the local Filipino community… in different fields. We express our sincere appreciation for it," said Wong.

The official said the SAR "hopes to continue the exchanges with the Philippines through the Consulate General of the Philippines in Macau and thus facilitating the sustainable development of China-Philippines relations – with more and more constructive cooperation outcomes." (Source: MDT)

Any Filipinos or non-, especially those who attended the Independence Day celebration in Macau, would be deeply moved hearing to speeches after speeches, testifying to the reality that the people of the Philippines who have chosen to make Macau their homes, can truly say that what Marcos is unilaterally doing back home in the Philippines is mere madness.

General Andres Centino, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (who posed with Filipino soldiers next to a Philippines flag on Mavulis Island, Batans, the group of idyllic islands at the country's northernmost tip lies just 140 km from China's runaway island in the South China Sea,) should be fully aware that their proximity could thrust them into the spotlight – in case of any conflict.

Conflict consciousness should be the moral concern of Marcos, not trying hard to please his Washington boss, or the American "ally', who has a history of abandoning fellow allies, and of killing allies in "friendly fire".

Attend to the existential needs of Filipinos – in China's SARs, in which they celebrate their hard-earned friendships with fellow Chinese!


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