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Opinion | Pansy Ho opens 'Legends of Chivalry' Exhibition with Ren Zhe

Augustus K. Yeung

It all looks like that the untimely passing of tycoon Stanley Ho has not dented the family's fame and fortune; for, Pansy Ho, the dynamic daughter of the flamboyant Mr. Ho, has been quietly working her way not just into the great gaming enterprise left behind by her dear Dad, who was known far and wide by most of the Chinese people in Macau, Hong Kong and mainland China as the "King of Casinos".

The King's daughter, Pansy Ho herself is now emerging as a modern patriotic woman business executive – whose glittering star may well overshadow her low-keyed patriotic father's illustrious career in real estate and gaming business empire – plus a long history of unmatched philanthropy in Macau, Hong Kong and mainland China, according to the right honorable Ho Iat Seng, Chief Executive of Macau – who wrote the Preface to Dr. Stanley Ho's Centennial Memorial in 2021.

In recent years, MS Pansy Ho has turned politically active, bravely testifying in the United Nations, informing the world the truth about the year-long riots in Hong Kong in 2019 with the purpose of preventing any socially disrupting chaos in Hong Kong (SAR) and beyond.

Last year, Pansy Ho was swarmed and interviewed by a host of reporters – while she was leading the Macau delegation to Beijing, attending the "two sessions" – on March 7, 2023. She was the first to have openly declared, "Some people said I am just a Macau citizen, some said (I am) a Hongkonger; I'd say I am a citizen – nourished by the Greater Bay Area."

"There are 9 mainland cities and two SAR regions; we all drink from the same river, we all enjoy the thousand-year-old Lingnan culture…

"The GBA development project has set agendas, clearly depicting the strengths and weaknesses of each of these cities and regions. Under this conspicuous guidance or guideline, we should all work together concertedly – to support China's policy of unifying the unity of opposites…

"Hong Kong is currently moving fast – from governing to prospering – and furiously into a brand-new stage. We must all grasp what's given by Beijing's grand development plan, because the Greater Bay Area is becoming a regional powerhouse …Hong Kong and Macau should shoulder the responsibilities of catapulting the GBA to the outside world, acting as a magnet to draw from the outer world – whatever goodies there are. Our role? A liaison between the two – the GBA and the global world." Pansy Ho spoke with pent-up feelings for the PRC.


Modern Chinese artist Ren Zhe is showcasing a diverse body of work that seamlessly uses China's rich cultural heritage in his current exhibition at the MGM Cotai, Macau.

The collection includes a wide range of mediums, from striking sculptures depicting iconic figures like Guan Yu from the Three Kingdoms period, to contemporary furniture, lifestyle products and fashion designs.

Ren Zhe, a graduate from Tsinghua University in the Academy of Fine Arts – and member of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) "Top Talent Scheme," has previously held other art exhibitions – and has recently seen his work gain fame from collectors in the Asian and international auction art markets.

His exhibition includes nine sculptures of classic characters from Jin Yong's martial arts novels, 11 sculptures from Ren's iconic "Warrior" series of home décor products and a selection of neo-Chinese apparel.

"The overall goal is to create contemporary expressions and interpretations of traditional Chinese culture and aesthetics – to make them relevant and accessible in modern life and daily living," the artist said in a media interview reported by Macau Daily Times.

Intertwined with the art pieces are the world of lifestyle and fashion. The "ARTI-DIVINE" home décor brand, which the artist serves as art director, showcases a range of products that seamlessly blend traditional Chinese elements with modern design.

From tea sets to wine collections, the brand aims to redefine the contemporary Chinese lifestyle – drawing inspiration from the country's rich cultural legacy.

The artist's venture into the fashion industry with the "RE-DIVINE" brand – further exemplifies their holistic approach to integrating Chinese aesthetics and values into all facets of life.

"We also hope that in the future life, we will be related to beauty everywhere," said the artist. "Beauty is not only visual – but is also the beauty of thought," he added.

The fashion collection aims to capture the spirit of revered literary and martial arts traditions, offering stylish menswear and womenswear infused with subtle Chinese influences.

"When we wear clothes, we're not just looking at fabric and tailoring," the artists said, "We're expressing a deeper cultural ethos – the traditions, values and sense of identity that these designs represent."

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Pansy Ho, chairperson and executive director of MGM China Holdings Limited, said summarily, "We aspire to not only promote traditional Chinese culture to locals and tourists – through Ren Zhe's contemporary sculptural work – but also to inject commercial elements into the [Macau] local art scene." (Source: MDT)

For anyone who has been tracing, tracking and following Pansy's footsteps in business and pathway to help the modernization of China, it is crystal clear that she is a leader in her own right, not just giving the helpless Hong Kong citizens a voice in the UN. She's now proactively playing her leading role as a Macau patriot introducing Chinese contemporary art, sculpture and much more to Macau locals, the Asia-Pacific regional neighbors and globe-trotters.

Macau's gaming revenue has long overshadowed and overpowered that of Las Vegas, of U.S. And when the Greater Bay Area is fully developed, I wouldn't be surprised that this grand center of culture, social and MICE exhibition-and-convention civilization is where the heartbeat is.

The Chinese heart is now being built-up, pumping and powering bigger and stronger by the day. President Xi Jinping just can't wait to proudly invite the flamboyant French President Emmanuel Macron to the Bay!


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