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Opinion | Putin's visit highlights ties amid Ukraine war, Israel-Palestinian conflict

By Augustus K. Yeung

This is the best of times for the People's Republic of China, and the worst of times for the United State of America – which is fighting a proxy war in Ukraine, and is now ironically being hijacked by Israel, a traditional staunch ally, whose leader Netanyahu is now turning "Nazi", bent on exterminating innocent Palestinian women and children in Gaza under the watchful eyes of the UN and the world.

China has cried wolf! It is trying hard to bring peace to Gaza, the oppressed Palestinians and to resolve the Israel-Palestine permanent conflict in the area.

The U.S. president is now trying hard to stop Benjamin Netanyahu from slaughtering innocent civilians in Gaza. Or poor old Joe will forever be known as "Genocide Joe".

Russia, which was fighting the Nazis on the side of the Western world in WWII, is now fighting Ukraine.

In less than a year, Putin visits China again. He came last October at a time when the war in Ukraine, (which started in February 2022) was raging hot like hell.

Now, in May, two years into the war, Ukraine is showing signs of battle fatigue and eventual defeat, and Russia is economically exhausted, counting on Xi Jinping's good will.

This time around, Putin comes to Beijing after he scored a resounding victory in his last presidential election – for five times! His star as a patriot is over and above the sky. He is at the zenith of his personal triumph. But Russians, rich and poor, are generally not in good shape, given its citizens boarding overseas.

What then are his goals? Peace period.

China and its Manifested Goal for a Peaceful and Prosperous Global World

Apart from inviting and hosting Putin, President Xi Jinping should be primarily concerned with clinching, or help mediating the deal of getting Russian and Ukraine to the negotiation table – because the American-led world is saturated with lies about a rising hegemonic China, about to topple the existing system of governance, especially about the time when the Biden administration is in danger of being replaced by Trump, an unpredictable "leader" – even the top U.S. military brass would not budge.

This peace mediation would certainly help. It would consolidate China's image, and goal of promulgating the nation on a peace mission – rather than eager to take the lead from the United States.

To restore world order, to hold the world together, China under Xi Jinping wants permanent peace in Ukraine and Gaza, and a prosperous Europe, including Russia.

Would Mr. Putin want a truce – now that Russia must be battle fatigue and is showing signs of economic dependency on China?

The reshuffle of Putin's cabinet with the old defense minister gone tells tales. Is it a sign that Putin wants to talk peace?! Wise as he is, Putin genuinely wants peace.

Is Xi Jinping in a good position of brokering a deal between Russia and Ukraine? Things now are generally better than last year at this time.

The celebration of the tenth anniversary of Belt and Road Initiative brought key world leaders to Beijing, including former Indonesian president (now a "kingmaker"), Hungarian Prime Minister, Argentinian President, Kenyan President, Sri Lankan President and, including "reclusive" Russian President Putin, who has made Russia strong again.

Xi Jinping, too, has reshuffled his cabinet with a stronger team than before.

Xi is ready! At home, Xi Jinping has consolidated his position and prestige; abroad, the Chinese president has not only raised his personal profile, but he has also raised China's image in the global world.

The scene is nearly set for world peace. However, no peace negotiations can steadily go ahead – without Russia and Ukraine both getting involved, especially if the United States is keen on keeping the conflict situation going – until President Joe Biden wins the presidential election the second time.

Let us see if Putin's state visit to China can metaphorically strike the match and spark a flickering flame that is needed for the negotiation talks that will eventually put an end to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which could have been avoided.

I see hope. I feel optimistic. I am confident that Xi can deliver; he can at least facilitate peace in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, further establishing his nation as a conflict mediator!

The Real Challenging Situation Lies in the Asia-Pacific Region

With the U.S' pivots to the Asia-Pacific region, China is finding the U.S. an existential challenge, though an important trading partner.

The policy under Joe Biden administration is now clearly defined as strengthening U.S. position militarily but "cooperating and competing with China commercially and financially".

America's military threat to China is pushing it closer to Russia. President Putin is strategically allying himself with Xi Jinping, an emerging real-world leader.

Generally, bad for peace in Aisa. During his visit to Tokyo, President Joe Biden said his military would defend Taiwan if it was attacked by the mainland, although the White House later released a statement confirming Washington's "strategic ambiguity". But the U.S. Congress is bent on exploiting the Taiwan Relations Act, and keeps annoying and antagonizing China, which is forced to militarize and to modernize its miliary.

Overall, the Americans are unfortunately and unnecessarily seeing China as a real "threat" larger than Russia – thanks to the C.I.A., an American espionage organization that lies a lot about the real China, sadly complicating their bilateral relations.

To conclude, Putin's visit to Beijing has led to  a lot of concerns and has also given hope to a world that is currently in turmoil.

No doubt, China is for world peace. But it needs non-alliance allies such as Russia, which can help it to offset the military threat from the United States.

With the recent expansion of BRICS, global politics is shifting in the direction of a multipolar world, giving the United Nations an ultimate chance to be a truly fair and just world organization with China's backing.


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