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Opinion | Australian fools rush in where angels fear to tread

By Augustus K. Yeung


Ah, I see two Australian fools rushed in where (the American and British angels) fear to tread. Why do you think Australia was recruited to join the AUKUS pact? Scott Morrison was enlisted to the money squandering, nuclear-powered and endangering "White Men's Club" in reaction to America's neurotic fear that it's being threaten by China, a rising economic power—second to America.

How foolish, how ignorant, how belligerent Scott Morrison and his defense minister Peter Dutton, his buddy must have been!

When America, in great fear, evacuated from the Afghan Kabul Airport with its tail between its hind legs, Scott Morrison tagged along the U.S., which didn't even bother to consult or inform all America's allies.

Can you imagine a national leader, just driving recklessly with worn treads? It can be dangerous for Scott Morrison, prime minister of Australia who can be unseated. How reckless!

His sins? Well, Mr. Morrison just won't help his neighbor, the Pacific Islanders in trouble, or just won't address the concerns of his people, whose rice bowls or Australian wine bottles he has broken when he—without thinking--sided with Joe Biden and unnecessarily and unwisely take on a trade-friendly Beijing as his "arch" enemy. How hawkish!

It hasn't taken long for the proverbial truth to illustrate that Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton have been "fools" as public opinions polls predicted that Australian voters have decided against them as their national leaders in Saturday's general election, favoring instead Mr. Anthony Albanese, the sensible Labor Party opposition leader.

Verbal Abuse of Beijing: "Human Rights Violations in Xinjiang"

Picking a fight over the non-issue with Xinjiang was undiplomatic; Morrison could have conveyed the message of his concern with a whisper in quiet moments, much like Angela Merkel, the wise German Chancellor.

Broken Business Promise with the French

Ditching France for the U.S. over the nuclear submarine issue was a sign of bad business faith as the agreement over the buying billions of dollars of the electric power was expectedly bittering to the French which considered it as a "stab in the back".

Joining the AUKUS Without Consulting Neighboring Partners

Joining the US-led AUKUS was undemocratic as Australia's neighbors and the Australian voters had not been consulted. Indonesia and Malaysia, two of Australia's partners in ASEAN travelled to Canberra to protest the move in the face of Scott Morrison.

Jacinto Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand was alarmed and greatly displeased to see the Indo-Pacific region brought back to nuclear nightmare, remembering the horror of Hiroshima.

Lastly, the Australian voters were not consulted; the decision of joining the nuclear club co-led by America and Britain was Scott Morrison's decision alone.

Neglect and Abuse of Solomon Islands' Needs and Dignity

When Solomon Islands experienced wide-spread lootings and rioting, threatening its social order and national security, the Morrison administration appeared to be unconcerned and looked the other way.

When the prime minister signed the deal with China, Scott Morrison was spreading rumors, telling people fake news that China's presence is a threat to the region as it plans to station PLA there.

Finally, the prime minister has complained that more than half a dozen of times he was personally "threatened" by Scott Morrison to cancel the deal with China, effectively reducing and diminishing the Australian leader to a thug.

Humanity Side of his Sadistic Personality is in Question

When Eastern Australia was being burnt by wildfire, causing the size of Britain to be destroyed by forest fire, Scott Morrison was exposed by a voter whose video clip showed that he was vacationing in Hawaii, and later trying to explain off his responsibility and guilt by say; "I am only one hose."

When heavy rains flooded a huge area of Australia, causing some people to die and losing their lodgings, for months there was hardly any federal relief, much to the dislocated voters' despair.


Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison may or may not have been a brutal husband who abused and neglected his wife, but he certainly did verbally abuse Beijing, falsely accusing China of committing "genocide", a fabricated accusation that was swiftly, logically and diplomatically refuted by the New Zealand prime minister in the parliament.

Scott Morrison scrabbed the business deal with France unilaterally; it was a sign of bad personality as he had failed to honor his nation's solemn contract, which is damaging to his credibility and integrity.

He foolishly signed up for the AUKUS pact when New Zealand tries to keep the area nuclear-free; it is an act of dictatorship in a democratic political system.

Miserably, Morrison failed to fulfil his treaty duty to help the Solomon Islands when there was a rampant riot, threatening the sovereignty's social order or national security. Worst of all, he repeatedly "threatened" the prime minister, trying high-handedly to force him to drop its deal with China, which Scott Morrison saw as an existential "threat".

Unnecessarily and unwisely, Morrison got into a trade war with China, its greatest trading partner for the sake of pleasing the United States of America, wrecking economic havocs, and causing revenue losses for Australian consumers, import-and-exporters amid the pandemic which is already making life difficult for people all over the world.

Going into its past, Australians could be criticized for getting rid of their nation's two remarkably insightful statesmen or prime ministers, Paul Keating, and Kevin Rudd.

This time, though, the Australian voters are unmistakably right to dump Scott Morrison and his pugnacious Peter Dutton, the defense minister, creating a glimmer of hope for peace in the Indo-Pacific region.

The author is a freelance writer; formerly Adjunct Lecturer, taught MBA Philosophy of Management, and International Strategy, and online columnist of 3-D Corner (HKU SPACE), University of Hong Kong.


The views do not necessarily reflect those of DotDotNews.

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