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Opinion | Is America locating its G spot in geopolitics?

(China Daily)

By Philip Yeung, a university teacher


Geopolitically, America is promiscuous. Like a loose woman seeking sex partners to find her G spot, America is perversely democratic in her choice of political bedfellows, from little minnows Lithuania and the Czech Republic, to communist Vietnam and chaotic India, any country is welcome to share her bed so long as they reject China's romantic advances.

Determined to go to any lengths to contain China, America is holding a stack of anti-China cards: the Hong Kong card,  Xinjiang card, Tibet card, Taiwan card, trade card, technology card, Covid-card, student visa card, alliance card, and the international bodies card. America has gone completely card-crazy in its China encirclement game.

Sadly, there are countries out there, ignorant about China, falling for American lies.

Take Lithuania. Geographically, geopolitically and in every imaginable way, it has no quarrel with China. The same goes for the Czechs. Yet both are angering China by sidling up to separatist Taiwan, in the name of freedom. Canada foolishly sent navy vessels to the South China Sea with America, forgetting how upsetting it would be if China were to show support for Quebec separatists.

The reasons are not hard to fathom. Both Lithuania and the Czech Republic had a bitter history with the former Soviet Union. They see a parallel in China. But their thinking is muddled. The tensions over Taiwan, its renegade province, were provoked by Donald Trump. Until then, China was content to let sleeping dogs lie.

Despite its communist coating, China is a different animal from the Soviet beast. For one thing, China never sought to export its ideology, only its manufactured goods. Nor does China harbor any territorial ambitions. China is a pure economic animal. Its ideology is an irrelevance.

China's territorial disputes with its neighbors, Vietnam and India, were triggered by two factors: after China‘s dismemberment by foreign powers, its leaders swore never to lose another inch of Chinese soil. Conflicts erupted when its neighbors misjudged China's vulnerability—ungrateful Vietnam, wanted to flaunt its power after driving out mighty America; India, egged on by America to avenge its 1962 humiliation, with China busy fending off American tackles. In both cases, after China drove out the invaders, it did not annex a single inch of their territory. China has no appetite to gobble up foreign land, unlike India, which forcibly annexed Sikkim without a peep of protest from the West.

The South China Sea is a different kettle of fish. America points to China's militarization of these islands as evidence of its territorial ambition.  But it is a do-or-die move to prevent a potential American naval blockade. Would the US tolerate China threatening to blockade its Florida coast? Besides, America is bi-coastal, China has only a single coastline. Anyone can see that protecting China's front porch is a matter of survival. This regional dispute is entirely manufactured in Washington.

Xinjiang, another hotspot, was rocked by Islamic terrorist attacks. Muslim minorities enjoy preferential treatment in education, employment, and exemption from China's strict one-child policy.  Western reporters cook up its anti-terrorist measures as "genocidal", and China-skeptics have lapped it all up. Unlike America, China pampers its 56 ethnic minorities. America is a racist country. China never is and never will be.

In Hong Kong, America played its card to the hilt, praising the violence as a fight for freedom. But it hides an ugly truth: Hong Kong is the world's Spy Capital, crawling with CIA operatives and other Western bad actors. The US consulate alone has over 1000 Trump-like operatives, busy urging radicals to organize violent protests. With the city burning and paralyzed, America then tells the world that China cannot be trusted to honor the One-Country-Two-Systems promise. It uses Hong Kong to warn Taiwan to reject Beijing's overtures on peaceful reunification. Before its unrest, Taiwan's leader was teetering on the brink of certain electoral defeat. America helped her to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. It was a brilliant move.

The world loves Hong Kong and its freewheeling ways. It now sees China as the bully. The truth is: China gave the city too much freedom, to libel its leaders with salacious books, calling for the downfall of the party, burning the Chinese flag, booing the national anthem, vandalizing subway stations, destroying expensive university labs, and terrorizing mainlanders. This unfettered freedom lasted for 23 years until, like the US Capital riots, the city became ungovernable. Any sovereign nation must act to restore order. The West has never accepted China's sovereignty over Hong Kong. They want "two systems, but no country". Period.

It is a huge mistake to see Hong Kong as just a free-trade port. It is a fierce battleground for America to stigmatize China and discredit her in the eyes of the world.

China is largely run by engineers who are unschooled in global communication. With the West emotionally frozen about China, it is reduced to reacting angrily whenever falsely accused. China needs Western PR firms to tell its story.

Overachievers in the economy, the Chinese are checkmated by America at every turn by ugly geopolitical moves. Ugly lies about China will only get uglier.

America has imprisoned China in an ideological ghetto. Its war against China is relentless, merciless, in every conceivable corner and around the clock.

Thanks to America, China is becoming a dirty word.  The world's trouble is only just beginning.

America is playing loose with the truth, promoting its thuggish rules as universal values. By its illegal invasion of Iraq alone, killing a million lives, America has forfeited its right as the self-appointed “policeman of the world”.

This is America's world, the rest of us are just living in it, on sufferance.

If the international rules are not to its liking, it trashes or rewrites them.

America the fox is in the henhouse. We should all worry. O, where will this American madness take us?


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