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Freeze Peach | Humanity's folly: Death, destruction, and health diplomacy

By J.B.Browne

Freeze Peach brings you your weekly dose of Happy News. Here are five positive things that happened this week to make you laugh, cry, smile, and feel more hopeful. JOKE. This week we have more death, more destruction, hatred, greed, lies, fear, and pettiness. The question is, what will ultimately cause human extinction? Natural disaster or human folly? Let's dive deep into the swamp.


Crimes. Crimes of humanity. Humanity, the folly of humanity. But war crimes should at least be done politely. Right!?

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What's truly amazing, and I can vouch for this hanging out with Americans, is that it takes the impeccable brainwashing of amoral media distortion to find any of this acceptable. If there's a hint of acceptance, there's a vague shrug of numbness, and if there's a pater of justification, there's outright cheer for the empire's terrorist activities.

On November 24, Biden tweeted, "America is back." But what he really meant was that woken bombs would descend like hellfire on random, faceless Syrian children.

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But that's the American mindset we've all come to accept. The "world police" conundrum of intimidating imaginary enemies then plays the victim card when there's a whiff of retaliation, ON FOREIGN LANDS WHICH THEY INVADED, of course. Like clockwork, the pentagon deems the assault "a response to recent rocket attacks on US forces in northern Iraq," according to Democracy Now!, who also stated that London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported 22 people dead. The same old patterns of a "naturalized empire" persist, purported through establishment propaganda.

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The truth is that the US has destabilized the whole region for decades and expects zero reactions from local militias. Y'know, just like the mafia. When local militias react, the US overreacts as it has planned with more destruction and death, violating all and any international laws to do so. So much so that Syrian children have been surrendering to photojournalists since March 2015.

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Just vote out the bad guy, they said. At least he's not Trump, they said.


So when your COVID jab is ready, which one will you take? Which one will your friends take? Well, that depends on what propaganda you've been consuming. Let's take a look at one of the significant schisms happening on the diplomatic front. Yes, there's no Trump-talk like his classic slur "Chinese virus," but western media does have its own interpretation of, shall we say, forced lopsidedness.

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Here we can clearly see that China is engaged in some sort of "malevolent vaccine diplomacy." The CCP is "evil", and thus this worldwide vaccine effort is just "an opportunity to spread more evil". No doubt, these are "Chinese shots" from Chinese scientists who are Chinese people, and Chinese anything is "CCP levels of terrible".

Here's another:

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Editorial needs to push India's success story as a story for the greater good, framing it as humanistic charity while criticizing China's attempts to do the same as failed and coercion or manipulation.

Y'know, like how Pfizer wants Latin American states to establish military bases as collateral against the cost of any future legal cases brought against the company? But, yeah, China is the only one practicing "vaccine diplomacy."

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Isn't any country with the capacity to help others less fortunate worthy of being commended? Indeed, the brain melt of justifying corporate-military presence for a vaccine rollout is to protect the notion that Pfizer has the right to make a profit.

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Otherwise, according to this Twit, they have no obligation to release the vaccine: o' humanity, the folly.

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Post-year-long pandemic, new incumbent president, and a world seemingly on pause to catch its breath, China's most important 'Two Sessions' or Lianghui will begin in Beijing's Great Hall of the People this week, where delegates all over China will participate in discussing China's 14th five-year plan. For conscious socialists around the world, this session promises to be exciting as the first one to involve a discussion on the results of eradicating extreme poverty.

However, other hot topics will undoubtedly include Hong Kong's future and tech competition, to name a few. There's a lot to unpack with all and any of these. Still, the HK note always hits different. Western media often don't understand or intentionally gloss over HK details in favor of a "pro-democracy" narrative that cannot or will not be analyzed objectively.

Earlier this year, on January 6, 53 "pro-democracy" activists, legislators, educators, etc., were arrested under the new National Security Law. Surface objectivity would dictate that this is a terrible thing. But let's take a look at one of the most prominent arrestees, Benny Tai's manifesto for "Lam Chau" or "mutual self-destruction," published last April in racist rag Apple Daily. Y'know, the one that calls mainland Chinese locusts but gets sensitive with the word cockroach.

Also, remember that there was zero democracy or a comparable LegCo system under the British.

Anyway, Tai's plan for 2021 went something like this:

Steps 1-3: Seek to control 35+ seats in LegCo.

Step 4: LegCo would reject all applications for allocating funds by the HKSAR, so the govt could only operate minimally. 

Step 5: LegCo vetoes budget plan from the government, forcing CE to dismiss LegCo.

Step 6: Anti-China, anti-govt groups control 35+ seats in new LegCo elections.

Step 7: A coordinated effort to veto govt budget plan again, forcing CE to resign, paralyzing HKSAR.

Step 8: Beijing forced to acknowledge emergency status in HKSAR, possibly dismissing LegCo, leading to suspension or arrest of "Lam Chau" leaders.  

Step 9: With support through biased-racist content by prominent local media outlets like Apple Daily, HK people are emotionally motivated to take to mobilize, striking and paralyzing sectors of society.

Step 10: Coordinated reporting and calls from Western media outlets to impose sanctions on Hong Kong officials not in alignment with "Lam Chau".

One question: if Benny Tai existed anywhere else, even in any other Western democracy, or even in old British Hong Kong, would any of this subversion be tolerated? Yes? Good. Lam Chau for the benefit of humankind!


Finally, Ng Man-Tat, one-half of the super-comedic duo with Stephen Chow, died last week. Best known for key-supporting roles in Shaolin Soccer and sci-fi epic The Wandering Earth, Uncle Tat remains a Hong Kong screen legend for the ages. RIP Uncle Tat!

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As he would refer himself, J.B. Browne is a half "foreign devil" living with anxiety relieved by purchase. HK-born Writer/Musician/Tinkerer.


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