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Freeze Peach|Systemic inertia, Asian hate crime, Cancun Cruz, and other news

By J.B.Browne

Sup peaches. In the news this week, Joe Biden's first month in charge - we ask - Is America Great Again Yet? Trump is acquitted, but a culture of hate remains, especially against Asian-Americans. Langley-aligned The New York Times predictably trashes WHO trip to Wuhan. SNL digs at Israeli apartheid, but how soon until Michael Che gets fired, canceled, or is forced to apologize? Senator Ted Cruz is a sociopath. Finally, legendary dance duo Daft Punk quits after not breathing adequately in helmets for 28 years.


In our in-depth series looking at Joe Biden's first month in charge, we look at some of the moves made by the administration as February began – lol jk. Here's a meme-list of everything that hasn't changed in one month under the #BidenAdmin:

(Facebook @Vasil Cvetkovski)

Oh, and also, he reversed the agreement to pull out of Afganistan, so yay, more nameless/countless deaths. But really, why can't America have a more in-depth examination of conscience?

Biden currently has a 63% approval rating, and it seems the anti-war faction of the Democratic Party completely evaporated with the election of Obama. They are only valid as a partisan battering ram, just like the deficit hawks in the GOP. But if you nod along and don't Tweet mean things, libs will continue to love you.

Still, like those who refuse to wear masks, some simply refuse to stop slurping the Kool-Aid flavored snake oil.

No offense, buddy. But this sort of infantile magical thinking discredits facts and realities that mock slogans like "Make America Great Again."


The grotesque political monstrosity that is/was/antichrist/Donald Trump's acquittal in the US Senate was yawningly inevitable, proving to everyone that a change in administration does nothing for real change; that Trump's toady legacy is intact and here to stay.

And there's no question that hate crimes against Asian-Americans have increased due to his admin's heinous sinophobic rhetoric. But the point is they continue to do so because, well, Biden culture is just as belligerent, if not more so, when it comes to some imagined "Yellow Peril."

Josh lays it down:

Though really, is it not cancerous mass psychology in the age of Trump (despite Biden) driving both sides equally berserk? Liberal mainstream media seems to be standing at a morally bankrupt crossroads, unable or unwilling to cut the umbilical cord from government-sanctioned-corporate-plutocracy narratives.

(Facebook @douglasfunniest)

#WHO #Wuhan #NYT #WSJ #BBC

Perhaps this wave of hate started when Trump said "Chinese Virus," but as we can see from the epic failed Western media smear campaign of the WHO's recent visit to Wuhan, street-level hate almost always stems from political narratives filtered through a compliant and biased media lens. Meanwhile, The New York Times continues its Langley-aligned news coverage trashing US enemies and all who refute its politically-laced narratives, even when dealing with international institutions.

No wonder China banned the BBC like the BBC banned CGTN, i.e., BBC: "We have the right to ban objective Chinese propaganda, but China does not have the right to ban our subjective propaganda."

Remember this classic?

It's called manufacturing consent for war, plunder, and invasion. Check out this biased CNN map of Xinjiang, China, for proof of concept.

What did Mark Twain say? Something like "God created war so that Americans can learn geography," or something like that. Again, the details don't matter as much as the intended target and net gains. It has nothing to do with ideology or morality. It has everything to do with self-interest and depravity.

#SaturdayNightLive #MichaelChe #Israel

Not that Saturday Night Live or SNL is that funny anymore (or ever), but Michael Che's joke on February 20 sparked outrage in some quarters.

Watch it here.

Almost immediately, lobby groups like the Global Jewish Advocacy started a petition demanding NBC, SNL, and Che apologize. Yawn.

But what is the issue here? Che's joke was biting but truthful. The real reason lobbyists are denouncing the comment as "anti-Semitic" is because of an unpalatable truth that there is COVID apartheid and now vaccine apartheid. Sure, Fauci and others have showered praise on Netanyahu's government’s assured response to COVID. What's not mentioned are the five million Palestinians who live under Israeli military rule in Gaza NOT receiving vaccines, even though they fall under Israeli governance.

So the one time in twenty years SNL makes a biting satirical joke, they get canceled? Ah, but can you cancel members of an already marginalized group? Especially when that person leans left and speaks up about systemic racism against minorities in his jokes? Does he even care? We shall see.


Own up. Who sent a mariachi band to Senator Ted Cruz's house yesterday? High-five.

Yes. Hong Kong "Pro-Democracy" opportunist Ted Cruz fucked off to Cancún, Mexico, on February 17 to go on holiday while millions in his home state plunged into darkness due to a power crisis.

Let's relive his Ultracringe visit in 2019.

(Facebook @Hong Kong Autonomy Action)

No, he doesn't give a fuck about his constituents as much as he doesn't give a fuck about Chinese people in Hong Kong. Cruz is the sort of manifest sociopath who uses people as stage props. Now he's all over right-wing media decrying his innocence and expecting people to sympathize with him. Y'know, like a sociopath.

Let's enjoy some self-generating memes on this frankly terrible man with terrible political side-burns.



Haha lol wut.


Goodbye, Daft Punk. 28 years. Not much to say other than thank you for the tunes and entertainment.

Watch their farewell video Epilogue here.

Watch how they flipped the One More Time sample. Genius.


As he would refer himself, J.B. Browne is a half "foreign devil" living with anxiety relieved by purchase. HK-born Writer/Musician/Tinkerer.


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