World Insights | Is Big Tech promoting 'techno-fascism'? International influencers talk about information hegemony

The Hong Kong government on last Friday (July 16) gazetted the amendment bill to combat doxing acts, which is crucial to personal data protection. However, after the announcement of the bill, Western media purposefully misinterpreted the information in a letter by big tech to the HK government, claiming that the changes would violate basic rights.

In this discussion, panelists will share their views on the truth behind Western media claims, revealing artifices utilized by supposedly democratic governments and big tech to manipulate and control information for political gains.

Is Western media actually gaining more influence? How do Western governments collude with big tech to violate freedom of speech? What should China do in this battle against disinformation and media spin? DotDotNews invites international incluencers Angelo, Barrie, Laura and Nixie to discuss these issues. Watch the video now for their insights!

Watch Part 1 here: World Insights | Doxing threatens basic human rights, HK bill 'timely and necessary'